Great Hammerhead Shark

(Sphyrna mokarran)

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Ocean Realm
IUCN Conservation Status
Endangered (EN)
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The Great Hammerhead is found in coastal warm temperate and tropical waters within 40°N – 35°S latitude. In the western Atlantic Ocean, it ranges from North Carolina (US) south to Uruguay, including the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean regions. In the eastern Atlantic, it ranges from Morocco to Senegal, including the Mediterranean Sea.

Animal Size

They can reach a maximum length of 18-20 feet


Although there are nine different species of hammerhead shark in the world, the great hammerhead is the biggest. While our great hammerhead is about 7 feet long, the largest on record was 20 feet long and over 950 lbs. The head is rounded on the juvenile hammerhead shark but as it matures, the head "flattens" creating a rectangular shape. The common name is derived from the hammer shape of the shark's head. The eyes and nostrils are located on the far sides of the head.

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