Adventure Aquarium strives to advance the conservation and stewardship of species and the habitats in which they live. We identify opportunities for people to help people; to promote putting environmentally friendly and socially responsible business decisions into daily practice; and to inspire the conservation of our natural world.

You can support our conservation efforts by donating while you visit or when purchasing tickets for your next visit.

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Adopt A Shark

Symbolically adopt one of our jawsome friends! Our Shark Pal Adoption Package includes an official Certificate of Adoption, bio/fact sheet, small collection of shark teeth, plush, mug, tote bag and thank you letter.

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Adopt A Shark Adopt A Shark
seafood watch seafood watch

Proud Conservation Partner Of "Seafood Watch"

Anchor, and all of our animals, eat seafood that has been sustainably sourced. If you order a meal from our Marketplace Cafe, your seafood is also guaranteed to be sustainably sourced. Participating in Seafood Watch and making smart seafood choices, is a great way for you to help shark species. 

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Action for Animals Audio Tour

Adventure Aquarium has introduced the Action for Animals audio tour for guests to learn more about their favorite animals, the challenges these species face in the wild and simple conservation practices.

This self-guided, 17-stop tour is narrated by Adventure Aquarium team members and includes stories about the animals, environmental concerns and how we are taking action to protect our beloved animals and their environments. To make it easy for guests to join the effort, each tour stop includes a conservation tip paired with a suggested conservation partner for further exploration.

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audio tour audio tour

Reduce Plastic Pollution

delaware river delaware river


Adventure Aquarium organizes Delaware River cleanups from April-October each year, inviting volunteers from the Aquarium, Center for Aquatic Sciences, and other local businesses to join together and remove trash from the Delaware River, preventing trash from making its way to our oceans. Each year, Adventure Aquarium removes more than 1,000 lbs. of trash from local waterways that could have otherwise made its way into our oceans.

Microplastic Sampling

Our microplastic research program is a community science study aimed at analyzing the micro-plastic concentrations on beaches of the Jersey Shore, as a partnership between Save Coastal Wildlife, The Plastic Wave Project, and Save Barnegat Bay. The main goals of the research are 1) To begin to observe when and where microplastics congregate along the Jersey shore. 2) To bring an opportunity for community science to the community and help make science more accessible to anyone who is interested in learning about microplastics. 3) To educate the public about microplastics. Have a local waterway or beach in your area? Learn how to get involved, here!

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waterway waterway
eco-challenge eco-challenge

Plastic Free Ecochallenge

Each July, Adventure Aquarium takes part in the month-long Plastic Free Ecochallenge to encourage guests, staff and partners to shift away from our single-use plastic dependency and make a more conscious effort to take care for our ecosystems. Stay tuned for details on how you can join Adventure Aquarium’s team – Together, let’s create a plastic-free world!

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Connecting People to Saving Wildlife and Protecting Environments

Adventure Aquarium turns our love for animals and their environments into actions that are measurable and impactful in making a difference. We continuously seek and share knowledge about our animals and their natural environments to inspire heartfelt and meaningful connections that create action and change.

Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Survey

In October 1998, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC) Horseshoe Crab Management Plan adopted an annual spawning survey conducted along the shores of Delaware Bay. Considering that a Delaware Bay volunteer spawning survey had been in existence since 1990, the ASMFC opted to continue this volunteer-based survey with additional statistical guidance from the United States Geological Service (USGS). Every May and June during the full and new moon evening high tides, volunteers annually donate their time to count crabs on the beaches of the Delaware Bay in both Delaware and New Jersey. Each lunar date is bracketed with surveys occurring on the day of the peak spawning tide, the prior two days, and the following two days.

Since 2009, Adventure Aquarium has organized staff volunteers to survey Townbank Beach during spawning. Survey results are submitted at the end of the season and contribute to annual reports which highlight total horseshoe crabs counted at the 24 beaches in New Jersey and Delaware, sex ratios, habitat conditions, and comparison to previous years.

Interested in getting involved? Learn how to join in on the effort here!

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horseshoe crab horseshoe crab
monarch butterflies monarch butterflies

Monarch Butterfly Gardens

As a program partner of AZA SAFE: Monarch Butterflies, and a grant recipient of the 2022 AZA Party for the Planet Grant, Adventure Aquarium has planted a native plant butterfly garden in Penguin Park in collaboration with Camden Urban Agriculture Collaborative (CUAC) and Summersweet Native Plants to bring native pollinator butterfly gardens to established community gardens in Camden and to Camden City families’ backyards. These gardens create habitat connectivity throughout the city of Camden to help feed and support the monarch butterfly migration. Camden residents and Adventure Aquarium guests can track wildlife observations in these gardens using the Adventure Aquarium’s Pollinator Project iNaturalist Bioblitz.

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Florida Coral Reef Tract Rescue

In 2014, an unidentified coral tissue loss disease was first observed in Miami-Dade County and quickly spread throughout the northern areas of the Florida Reef Tract (FRT). This unprecedented outbreak has been reported on more than 25 species of the approximately 45 stony coral species in Florida – more than 55% of the state’s coral. Monitoring data from 2017 and 2018 show that many Florida corals have sustained between 50% - 90% reduction in abundance based on species-specific susceptibility to this outbreak, and the disease is still spreading. The FWC, National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS), and the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) have assembled the Florida Coral Rescue Team (Rescue Team) to plan and execute the Florida Coral Rescue Plan (Rescue Plan) to save what is left of Florida’s healthy coral stocks. This Rescue Plan has two primary goals: 1) to prevent ecological extinction along the FRT for the most susceptible species, and 2) to maintain as much genetic diversity as possible for ~25 priority species in preparation for restoration and future disturbances.

Adventure Aquarium is one of 19 AZA institutions who committed to be a long-term holding facility until corals are ready to be placed back in the wild. Adventure Aquarium has three dedicated systems with 70+ colonies representing 11 species.

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coral coral
kookaburra kookaburra

Feathers for Native Americans

Features for Native American’s is not-for-profit feather distribution program that collects molted feathers and donates them to the Pueblo Indians of the Southwest for use in their rich customs and traditions. By donating molted Macaw and Parrot feathers, we can eliminate sellers of illegally imported feathers from Central and South America that are hunting and killing Wild Macaws and Parrots for profit. Every feather donated from a molted living bird will replace one that a Wild Macaw or Parrot was killed to supply. Adventure Aquarium participates by collecting naturally molted feathers from our parrots and donating them to this program.

Have a bird companion at home? Learn more about how to donate their molted feathers, here.

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You can support our conservation efforts by donating while you visit or when you purchase your tickets.

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