At Adventure Aquarium, we strive to provide a best-in-class guest experience, keeping guest accessibility and comfort top of mind. Below, you will find an overview of the many services and accessibility options available at Adventure Aquarium.

Planning Ahead

Parking Authority of the city of Camden (PACC)

Guests can drop off and pick up at the designated accessible area on the Aquarium Loop Drive next to the Box Office.

Members and General Admission guests can pay at the parking payment kiosk next to the Box Office OR as they exit the parking lot. Cash and all major credit cards are accepted for payment.


  • Platinum Members | FREE
  • Gold Members | $5
  • Silver Members | $10
  • General Admission | $10
  • Upon entering the Aquarium, Gold and Platinum members will receive a discounted parking voucher. The voucher will provide the above discount when inserted into the parking payment kiosk before payment when exiting the lot.

Our Main Entrance is located on the Delaware River along the Waterfront. From the parking lot, follow the signage toward the Box Office.

General Information

All of Adventure Aquarium’s restrooms feature handicap-accessible stalls. Restrooms are located in the Main Lobby, Zone B (near Stingray Beach Club), and Zone C (near Frogs: Nature’s Messenger).

Adventure Aquarium does not have any dedicated family restrooms. If you, or your party, require a private bathroom, please ask an Adventure Aquarium Team Member who can assist in locating an alternative restroom in one of our non-exhibit areas.

Accessible Amenities

Adventure Aquarium has partnered with KultureCity to improve our ability to assist and accommodate guests with sensory needs. Our objective is to provide an inclusive and seamless experience for all guests for all events, including those with sensory needs. We strive to raise awareness of the needs and challenges faced by individuals with sensory processing disorders by supplying our Team Members with continuous training and offering our guests the resources and accommodations below.

Sensory Bags
Sensory bags are available to check out at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis at the Information Desk in the Main Lobby (Lower Level). Sensory bags include noise-canceling headphones (provided by Puro Sound Labs), fidget tools, and verbal cue cards.

Weighted Lap Pad
A weighted lap pad is available to check out at no cost on a first-come, first-served basis at the Information Desk in the Main Lobby (Lower Level)

Headphone Zones
Signage is posted around the Aquarium to alert guests to louder areas of “Headphone Zones” to remind them to utilize their noise-canceling headphones in those areas if needed.

Designated Quiet Area
Adventure Aquarium’s multi-use Nursing and Family Room can be used as a private, quiet space for guests experiencing sensory overload. If you require a bigger space for some quiet, alert an Adventure Aquarium team member, and they can take you to one of our private, behind-the-scenes areas.

Social Story and KultureCity All-Inclusive App
Download the KultureCity All-Inclusive App to get your social story and learn more about what to expect ahead of your visit to Adventure Aquarium.

Adventure Aquarium is fully accessible for our guests in wheelchairs/electric convenience vehicles (ECV) and those who have difficulty navigating stairs. Manual wheelchairs and ECVs are available daily for rental at the Information Desk in the Main Lobby.

A manual wheelchair can be rented for $6, with a fully-refundable $10 deposit required.

An electric convenience vehicle can be rented for $30.00, with a fully-refundable $50 deposit required.

Segways are not permitted inside Adventure Aquarium.

Adventure Aquarium’s policy prohibiting wagons/wagon-style strollers and large strollers (larger than 31” X 52”) is waived for families with disabilities using these as ambulatory devices.

Because the Shark Bridge attraction is an able-bodied experience, we offer guests unable to cross Shark Bridge the opportunity to get a behind-the-scenes look at the largest collection of sharks in the Northeast with a fully-accessible Shark Shack tour. Please ask an Adventure Aquarium Team Member at Shark Bridge for assistance during your visit.

Accessibility Policies

Visitors with severe disabilities may be accompanied by paid Personal Care Attendants (PCA) at no additional cost during their visit. This policy applies to all ticketed events and includes individual, Membership, complimentary, and group tickets.

Visitors with severe disabilities who wish to purchase advance tickets should call 1-844-474-FISH (3474) to request complimentary tickets for a paid PCA. These tickets must be picked up in person at the Box Office.

This policy also applies to group visitors. Groups can also book in advance by calling 1-844-474-FISH (3474).

Service animals are permitted at Adventure Aquarium and are defined as dogs or miniature horses individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Service animals must be harnessed, leashed, or tethered unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents the use of these devices. In this case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal, or other adequate controls.

For the health and safety of your animal and ours, services animals are restricted from the following areas:

  • Shark Bridge
  • Behind-the-Scenes Tours

Adventure Aquarium does not offer a relief area for service animals. If you need to leave the building and return, please be sure to have your hand stamped at the Information Desk.

For the health and safety of your animals and ours, comfort and/or therapy animals and pets are not permitted inside Adventure Aquarium.

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