Make The Most Of Your Visit

Welcome to Adventure Aquarium! With so many animals, attractions and activities to experience, we've created sample itineraries to guide our visitors with limited time and those visitors with more time to enjoy all that Adventure Aquarium has to offer!

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Pop-in Highlights

1-Hour Visit

Welcome! Head to Zone A to visit Little Blue Beach and see the world’s smallest penguin species. Stroll through Pirates Passage and marvel at the beautiful Lionfish. See if you can spot two species of Sea Turtles, three species of Sharks and Giant Grouper in Ocean Realm, our largest exhibit.

Turning the corner to Zone B and practice your two-finger touch in Stingray Beach Club before heading outside to Penguin Park for African Penguins. If you have little ones, head upstairs to Zone C’s KidZone, otherwise skip to Zone D to visit Button & Genny, our Nile Hippos. Soak in sharks from all angles from inside Shark Tunnel before walking across Shark Bridge. End your visit with a memento from our Gift Shop.

Stingray Beach Club Stingray Beach Club
Shark Tunnel Shark Tunnel

Splash Around

2-Hour Visit

With an extra hour take a more leisurely pace with the above and add some experiences. Start your Zone A visit with an Amazonian thunderstorm in Piranha Falls. Try to catch an animal feeding at Little Blue Beach and/or Penguin Park or a show in Ocean Realm Theater. You have time to feed the stingrays in Stingray Beach Club and spend a few minutes playing in Penguin Park’s Explorers Cove*. Once inside, visit Touch-A-Shark to feel their skin. Now head upstairs to Zone C to watch a 3D movie and visit Creature Feature to touch a sea star. Hungry? On your way to Zone D stop at the Marketplace Café or Flying Fish Beer Garden* for a bite. Recharged and seen the hippos (check their feeding schedule), say hello to our Great Pacific Octopus and Jellies in the Jules Verne Gallery before heading to sharks.

* Weather permitting.

Dive In

4-Hour Visit

You’ll see and experience it all! Stop by the Coffeehouse and/or Sweet Treats to fuel up before starting your adventure while you plan your day using our Show Schedule. Be sure to see the Little Blue Penguin, African Penguin AND Hippo feeds, Meet the Divers Show, a Shark Realm talk, 3D movie (or two), plus any special programs. While visiting Penguin Park, grab a snack, sit back and relax under an umbrella while the kids play. There is even more playtime to be had in KidZone before visiting Gills’ Grotto, our fourth touch exhibit, to touch a horseshoe crab. Make it a truly immersive experience by booking a Penguin Pop-in, Sea Turtle, Behind-the-Scenes or Hippo Up-Close Encounter at the Information Desk.

Genny and Button Genny and Button

Enjoy your day exploring the underwater world!

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