3D Movies With General Admission

The 3D theater is a one-of-a-kind, immersive movie experience that’s fun for the whole family – now included with General Admission! The 3D Theater features two unique 3D films, which are highlighted below:

Great White Shark 3D Movie Great White Shark 3D Movie

Great White Shark

Find the truth behind the mythic creature forever stigmatized by its portrayal in the world’s first blockbuster movie, Jaws with free divers in South Africa, New Zealand, Mexico and California waters.

Turtle Vision

Join Sammy and his friends on an exciting journey through truly immersive environments. Swim through colorful coral reefs and enjoy a dazzling ride on a fun-loving octopus. Dive into icy polar waters to meet a friendly whale. Are you ready to face the dangers you may encounter with humans?

Turtle Vision 3D Movie Turtle Vision 3D Movie

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