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Penguin Party

Our 30th Birthday celebration continues with a Penguin Party! Join us, now through May 8, for a month-long celebration complete with special penguin activities and egg-citing surprises. During the Penguin Party, guests can hunt for the elusive Golden Egg (and the chance to win an Adventure Aquarium gift card!), get all their penguin questions answered by one of our biologists, or even purchase a cuddly penguin souvenir to take home. And, of course, don’t forget to meet our two species of penguins, including our newest Little Blue penguin chick*!

Waddle you waiting for? There’s tons of penguin fun waiting for you – Make a reservation today!

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*The chick will be on exhibit everyday starting at 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. (though she may stay out later).

Name Our New Baby Chick!

A new friend has joined our 15,000 incredible animals! Help us name our new Little Blue baby chick! We've narrowed the choices down to Brinsea, Adelaide, Victoria and Skye, but we need your help to find the perfect fit. Simply vote with a donation to Adventure Aquarium ACTS, a fund to support conservation efforts, and the name that raises the most money for penguin conservation wins!

Donate To Name Our Little Blue Chick

Ask A Penguin Biologist

Why can't penguins fly? Which penguins prefer warm weather? Get all your questions answered and learn some fun new penguin facts when you chat with our resident biologists!

Penguin Enrichment Demonstrations
Our biologists will host two special penguin enrichment demonstrations. You might even catch a penguin painting.
11:45AM Little Blue Penguins — Zone A
1:30PM African Penguins — Zone B

Penguin Pro
A “Penguin Pro” will be at Penguin Park all day to answer questions and provide fun “people enrichment” activities! — Zone B

Daily Schedule

See Our TWO Species Of Penguins

Little Blue Penguin Little Blue Penguin

Little Blue Penguin

Little blue penguins are the smallest species of penguin in the world, growing an average of 13 inches in height and weighing in at just 3 pounds on average.

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African Penguins

They're cute. They walk funny. They're flightless. But these little guys sure can swim. They're African penguins and you can find them at Penguin Island!

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African Penguins African Penguins

Read Our Penguin Blogs

Impress your friends and family with your penguin knowledge by reading our fact-filled blogs before your next visit!

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Little Blue Penguin

10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Little Blue Penguin

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African Penguin Breeding Season

African Penguin Breeding Season

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Don't Miss Out On A Penguin Party!

Make your reservations April 9 through May 8 and discover tons of penguin fun and even meet our newest Little Blue chick!

Share Your #AdventureAquarium Memories With Us!

Share Your #AdventureAquarium Memories With Us!

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