Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

Embark on an exhilarating adventure through the aquarium and unleash your inner explorer. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer or a first-time explorer, this interactive game promises excitement, discovery, and a chance to win a prize!

Solve The Puzzle

How It Works

Get Started: To begin your journey, complete the form to get your first clue!

Follow the Clues: Each clue leads to a location where you’ll find a letter in the exhibit. Keep your mind sharp and eyes peeled as you solve the clues and search our underwater worlds.

Collect Secret Letters: At every location, you'll find one letter to help solve the secret word - they're your key to claiming a prize at the end of your adventure!

Complete the Hunt: Once you've discovered all of the hidden letters and solved the puzzle, make your way to the Information desk or H2O Photo in the lobby. Show an Adventure Aquarium team member the secret word to redeem your prize for a successful hunt.

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Ready To Start Your Search?

Gather your friends and family, grab your map - or download the app and set off on a scavenger hunt adventure.

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  • "Waddle" you think about swimming all day? You’ll find this letter where our little blue friends play.

  • One has a head like a hammer. The others a shell like a heart. Find the waters where these amazing creatures start.

  • We're small and colorful, but our poison is bad. Find this letter near our lily pad.

  • What a "jaw-some" view! Look for the tunnel where the biggest fish roam. That's where this letter might find a home.

  • One more letter to go. Complete the form above to uncover the final letter.

Ready To Solve?

If you completed the Scavenger Hunt, unscramble the five letters to spell the secret word below.

Kid Pointing Kid Pointing

You Solved It!

Thanks for playing! Visit the Information Desk or H2O Photo located in the lobby to get your reward. Show an Adventure Aquarium team member the secret word to redeem your prize for a successful hunt.

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