Adventure Aquarium’s First Audio Tour: Listen, Learn and Act

May 04, 2021


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Planet Earth is sort of like our bodies — we’ve only got one, so we better take care of it!

To celebrate the Association for Zoos and Aquariums’ Party for the Planet, Adventure Aquarium is debuting a free, self-guided audio tour for guests to listen to during their visit. Narrated by Adventure Aquarium’s dedicated team, you choose the order and the pace to learn about some of our favorite animals, the challenges these species face in the wild and the steps you can take to help protect these magnificent creatures.

Even better news? The Action for Animals audio tour is a permanent addition to Adventure Aquarium’s guest experience!

So, how do you listen?
It’s easy!

    1. Make a reservation to visit.
    2. Look for the QR codes at select animal exhibits that look similar to this:

    3. Or listen from home by visiting
    4. Simply scan QR codes with your cell phone, hit play and listen from your phone! (Don’t forget your earbuds.)

(Don’t have a smartphone or would prefer to read rather than listen? Go to our Information Desk to get the full audio tour transcript.)

Where are the audio tour stops?
This 17-stop audio tour will take about 35-minutes to complete and spans throughout all aquarium zones. There is no order required and you can pass over or repeat any of the stops.

Audio tour stop are located at:

For your convenience, click here to view the aquarium map.

What will you learn?
The focus of Adventure Aquarium’s Action for Animals audio tour will tell you a little story about the animals in the exhibit along with some of the challenges these animals experience in the wild.

How can you take action?
At the end of each stop, the tour guide will share how Adventure Aquarium is taking action and how you can help too! During the tour, you will learn about some conservation partners: 

We are excited for you to join us on this journey around the aquarium! Now, take out those phones, scan and listen!


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