Why Membership Matters

Thank you for your Membership to Adventure Aquarium! Your Membership matters to all of us, but especially to our animals. Each Membership provides ongoing support for the Aquarium’s efforts to deliver exceptional animal care, continuous education and conservation activities around the world and in our local community.

Learn more about Adventure Aquarium’s dedication to our animals and guests from Executive Director, Molly Deese.

Supports Animal Care

Your Membership helps fund a dedicated team of 40 Biologists and a Board Certified Vet who provides exceptional care and daily training and enrichment for our animals. Plus, you help feed our animals. Did you know it takes three memberships to feed our African Penguins for just one day?

Adventure Aquarium - Support Animal Care Adventure Aquarium - Support Animal Care
Adventure Aquarium - Continuous Education Adventure Aquarium - Continuous Education

Supports Continuous Education

Your Membership brings real life learning to children and adults every day of the year. In 2020, more than 10,000 preschoolers were provided FREE annual passes to experience life underwater. Adventure Aquarium has extended it’s education resources for teachers and parents by creating videos, worksheets, activities, challenges and teacher resources by grade level.

Supports Endangered Species

Your Membership protects endangered species, including African Penguins, Chinchilla, Axolotl, African Grey Parrot and Green Sea Turtles. Adventure Aquarium has breed and reared more than 40 penguin chicks. We support organizations that work on species survival, including AZA SAFESANCCOBTurgwe Hippo Trust, and Sea Turtle Conservancy, and are currently rescuing Florida Reef Tract corals.

Adventure Aquarium - Endangered Species Adventure Aquarium - Endangered Species
Adventure Aquarium - Audio Tour Adventure Aquarium - Audio Tour

Audio Tour

Action for Animals is our new, FREE, 17-stop, self-guided audio tour for you to listen to during your visit. Learn about some of our favorite animals, the challenges these species face in the wild and the steps you can take to help protect these magnificent creatures.

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Meet Pat

Employee Spotlight

Pat is a long-time member of our Aquarium team and has a passion for diving shipwrecks. Can you guess what their favorite exhibit might be?

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