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3D Theater

Now included with General Admission!

The excitement continues in Adventure Aquarium’s 3D Theater, presented by Valley Forge Tourism and Convention Board. The 3D theater is a one-of-a-kind movie 3D projection experience, providing an immersive, trilling experience that’s fun for the whole family!

Now included with General Admission

Location: Zone C

Caribbean Currents

Walk through Caribbean Currents and you’ll realize you’re no longer in your own element. Each of our fifteen different exhibits is filled with exotic and amazing creatures.

Location: Zone A

Creature Feature

Visit Creature Feature, Adventure Aquarium's touch pool with creatures from the rocky shores of the Pacific Northwest, where guests will have the chance to see and touch slick, slimy and all-around cool Invertebrates.

Location: Zone C

Hippo Haven

This summer we are celebrating our lovely Nile Hippo girls, Button and Genny! The Adventure Aquarium hippos are getting a revamped home and some brand new friends are joining the Hippo Haven.

Location: Zone D


Welcome to KidZone, where children are invited to connect with nature by getting hand’s on!

Location: Zone C

Little Blue Beach

Welcome to the home of the Little Blues - the smallest and cutest penguins in the world! Enjoy a day at the beach on a sandy Australian shoreline, get to know the flock with exceptional underwater views and fall in love with these adorable little birds.

Location: Zone A

Ocean Realm

In Adventure Aquarium's Ocean Realm Exhibit, guests come face-to-face with 760,000 gallons of seawater and over 400 animals, including southern stingrays, silky sharks, zebra shark, hammerhead shark and more!

Location: Zone A

Penguin Park

Penguin Park is the perfect setting for families to play, explore and connect.

Piranha Falls

Deep in the Amazon is a world like no other, where piranha swim in a waterfall tucked away in the vast rainforest. Off in the distance, a storm approaches…are you ready for the journey?

Location: Zone A

Sea Turtle Cove

Sea Turtle Cove, located in Zone A adjacent to the 760,000-gallon Ocean Realm, focuses on endangered species of sea turtles from around the globe as well the resident loggerhead and green sea turtles of Adventure Aquarium.

Location: Zone A

Shark Bridge

Shark Bridge, presented by Horizon, brings you even closer to these incredible creatures than ever before! Walk just inches above magnificent sand tiger, sandbar and nurse sharks along with other animals in this unique V-shaped rope suspension bridge - the longest bridge of its kind in the world.

Location: Zone D

Shark Realm

Over 20 sharks and 200 animals live in our 550,000-gallon shark realm. So you can find yourself completely surrounded by some of the fiercest creatures in the ocean. Like sandbar sharks, sand tiger sharks and more.

Location: Zone D

Stingray Beach Club

Welcome to Stingray Beach Club, where it’s always warm and sunny and even though you’re inside, it feels bright and airy like you’ve been transported to a tropical island oasis.

Location: Zone B

The Grotto

Head to The Grotto inside KidZone (Zone C), our playground under the sea and prepare to roll up your sleeves and become part of the aquarium experience as you get hands on with more than a dozen warm-water invertebrates.

Location: Zone C

Touch A Shark

You and your family and friends will be thrilled to actually TOUCH and FEEL some of the most exotic sharks in the world in the TOUCH A SHARK exhibit.

Location: Zone A