Set Sail Into Summer With Pirates At Adventure Aquarium

June 01, 2021


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Pirates are back in Philadelphia after a 300 year absence.

Believe it or not, pirates were once known to sail up and down the Delaware River in search of loot! Blackbeard actually stationed his ship in the Delaware Bay and is rumored to have buried treasure under a black walnut tree in Burlington, N.J.

Now Pirate Darkbeard and his crew are returning to the Philadelphia area in search of treasure and cheer. New this summer, Adventure Aquarium presents Pirates, a limited time engagement June 18 through July 9 where guests will experience interactive shows, scavenger hunts, games, crafts, up-close animal talks and plenty of pirates.

“We’re looking forward to some pirate fun this summer,” said Molly Deese, Executive Director of Adventure Aquarium. “We love seeing families connect and enjoy themselves through entertaining, immersive experiences at the Aquarium like the upcoming Pirates event, complete with Darkbeard and his merry band of pirates.”

The Pirates event will serve as the launch for the redesigned Caribbean Currents, now “Pirate’s Passage” exhibit, home to 10 different exhibits filled with exotic and amazing creatures including hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish, lined seahorses, spiny lobster, and lionfish.

Darkbeard and his crew will invite guests on an Aquarium-wide adventure to find sunken treasure: gold, gems and booty! They will sing, dance and safely interact with guests.

The Pirate crew made their first appearance at Adventure Aquarium for the Mermaids event in November 2019. The popularity of these “scalawags” inspired the creation of this dedicated limited time event.

All guests are required to purchase tickets in advance and make a reservation at A “Pirate Treasure Bag” is available including admission, an eye patch, snack voucher, glitter tattoo voucher, photo voucher, keychain, pieces of treasure and an exclusive plush. This bundle will be on sale June 7.


Pirate Crew - Aargh! There be pirates afoot! Darkbeard and his crew of pirates have docked here at Adventure Aquarium. Make sure you find them during your visit and keep your eyes and ears open for any clues to find his treasure!

Scavenger Hunt - The pirates have a special scavenger hunt just for you. Together as a family, complete the scavenger hunt and enter for a chance to win all the bounty! Parrot Presentation - Come see one of our biologists talk about a pirate’s feathered friend – the Parrot. Learn about these amazing birds: where they come from, some of their behaviors, and how people interact with them.

Walk the Plank! - Put the knowledge you learned today to the test in the ultimate Pirate Game Show. Hopefully all ye salty sea dogs have studied hard and we won’t be sendin’ anyone to walk the plank!


All Press Releases

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