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Shark Tooth Summer

Now - September 5


Discover the fun of Shark Tooth Summer at Adventure Aquarium! Learn all about these amazing predators with daily Shark Chats, see them swimming below your feet during exclusive Top of Shark Realm Tours and be surrounded by sharks inside Shark Tunnel. Brave the world's longest Shark Bridge and take home a jaw-some souvenir when you donate to Adventure Aquarium ACTS to help support shark conservation efforts.

Sink your teeth into summer fun August 4 - September 5. Shark Tooth Summer is included with your admission, buy your tickets or make a reservation today. 

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Diving Select Times Now - September 5

NEW! Scuba Tooth Fairy

A shark loses over 35,000 teeth in its lifetime? A Scuba Tooth Fairy's dream! 

There's a busy new underwater friend diving among the largest collection of sharks in the Northeast! For the first time ever, the Scuba Tooth Fairy has landed at Adventure Aquarium to scoop up shark teeth of all shapes and sizes for their collection. With sharks losing over 35,000 teeth in their lifetime, Ocean Realm's shark-filled waters are a Scuba Tooth Fairy's dream! Catch this magical collector on one of three daily dives, August 4 through September 5.

Shark & Ray In-Water Encounter

Shark & Ray In-Water Encounter

Put on a wet suit and test the waters. Snorkel and come within inches of sandbar and sand tiger sharks. Then swim and feed dozens of playful stingrays, all in one visit!

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Sink Your Teeth Into Shark Tooth Summer

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