Adventure Aquarium Helps Schools Fundraise and Discover the Underwater World with Socially Distant Fun and Educational Opportunities

September 08, 2020


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Adventure Aquarium recognizes the need for schools to continue fundraising efforts and is offering safe fundraising options, lesson ideas, aquarium activities and an alternative to the traditional field trip.

Adventure Aquarium is launching its Back-to-School fundraising program starting today, September 9, 2020. In addition to fundraising, schools will receive aquatic-themed lesson ideas and a venue to showcase student artwork. Furthermore, Adventure Aquarium will be offering “Family Field Trips” by sharing weekly activities for families to download ahead of their visit to the aquarium and a chance to win a virtual field trip.

Adventure Aquarium’s Back-to-School fundraising program will allow participating schools the opportunity to safely sell discounted General Admission tickets to Adventure Aquarium. Schools will earn $5 for every ticket sold, and will be able to offer parents discounted Adult General Admission tickets at $26, a savings of $6. All sales are online.

“We understand the challenges both schools and parents face this school year,” said Adventure Aquarium’s Executive Director Vince Nicoletti. “As a community institution, we have a responsibility to find ways to creatively serve our guests and our partners in learning. We have developed a program, to help schools close much needed budget gaps and assist parents taking on the challenge of at-home education. This is a win-win-win situation that benefits our schools, parents and children who are managing remote learning, and the aquarium’s animal collection and conservation efforts.”

Adventure Aquarium wants to help make authentic learning easier during the age of hybrid and remote learning. Teachers at participating schools will receive animal-specific lesson ideas by grade level (Pre-K through 5th grade). Lessons include: educational videos, animal facts, supplemental writing prompts, art activities and a recommended book. Schools will have the opportunity to have their students' artwork displayed at Adventure Aquarium’s Blue Mile Art Gallery for one week.

Adventure Aquarium is also offering an alternative to the traditional school field trip by offering “Family Field Trips.” Every week, Adventure Aquarium will post self-guided activities and challenges to be completed during a trip to Adventure Aquarium. Parents can print the activity ahead of their trip to Adventure Aquarium to allow for learning during their visit. Students are entered to win a virtual field trip for their classroom upon completion of a weekly challenge. Starting Monday, September 14, parents can find these activities online at:

“Adventure Aquarium has been a go-to field trip destination for the Greater Philadelphia area for many years,” said Nicoletti. “We are aware the parenting role has changed due to hybrid and remote learning and want to offer parents the opportunity to bring their children to a safe environment where they can still have a fun and enriching experience.”

Schools interested in participating in Adventure Aquarium’s back-to-school program should visit for more information.

Beginning Tuesday, September 8, Adventure Aquarium began its fall hours, opening Monday to Friday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on weekends. All guests are required to make a reservation prior to their visit at

Adventure Aquarium continues to operate according to the strict restrictions outlined by the Governor of New Jersey, Centers for Disease Control and local government agencies. For more information about our health and safety procedures, please visit


All Press Releases

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