Tours and Labs

Available for grades 4 & up. Offered Monday - Friday, September through June. 

Note: tours are not available on major holidays.

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Our behind the scenes tours are provided by the Center for Aquatic Sciences, Adventure Aquarium's education partner. Tour programs are not wheelchair accessible and require participants to climb 2 flights of stairs unaided. 

Ocean Realm Tour

Ocean Realm Tour

Limited to 20 participants
4th - 8th grade
$110 per hour
30 minutes

Students get a mini behind-the-scenes look at our 760,000-gallon Ocean Realm exhibit during this 30-minute tour. Students learn about animal husbandry and hear more about some of our beloved, lesser-seen animal ambassadors.

Behind the Scenes Tour

Behind the Scenes Tour

Limited to 20 participants
High School & Above 
$175 per hour
45 minutes

Students get an exclusive look at what goes into caring for our more than 15,000 animals. Students get a behind-the-scenes tour of the Aquarium’s fish-holding facilities, water quality lab, food prep areas, and the top of our 760,000-gallon Ocean Realm exhibit.


Students get hands-on experience in a lab setting.

Water Quality Lab

Limited to 25 participants
9th-12th grade
$200 per lab
30 minutes

Students become chemists as they learn to test water samples from different Aquarium exhibits and analyze those results to ensure the water is within safe parameters for the animals on exhibit.

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