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Add an immersive classroom experience to your field trip! Classroom programs are 30 minutes in length, limited to 30 students per classroom, and available Monday through Friday. Classroom programs are not offered on major holidays.

The Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium offers classroom lessons that engage students while supporting curriculum. Our programs align with Next Generation Science Standards and PA & NJ Science Academic Standards. We offer a variety of Classroom Lessons for your students, available for Early Learners (ages 3 and under) and for Grades PreK - 12.

If you do not see a program that interests you, the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium staff would be happy to design a program especially for your class. Please note that custom programs will cost more than regular programs. Please call 856-361-1025 or email for information regarding this special service.

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Limited to 30 students per program
$4 per person

Students learn about a variety of ocean animals and compare their senses with a human’s 5 senses.

What keeps animals warm and protected from the elements? We explore different adaptations (I.e. scales, feathers, fur) and how they work to keep an animal safe.

Focusing only on penguins, students learn what it’s like to be a penguin, searching for food, escaping predators, and raising young.

Students meet animals, learn about threats to their habitats and ways to help.

Students explore the different levels of the ocean by creating their own chart. We also discuss the subject of light.

With a focus on sharks, students will participate in a trivia game, learning some shark biology facts and see some interesting biological artifacts (I.e. jaws, megalodon tooth).

With a focus on types of plastic and recyclables, students build a timeline to figure out how long it takes for items to break down.

Learning the different vocabulary to describe sizes of a population (I.e. threatened, vulnerable, endangered, etc), students learn about the plight of some species housed at Adventure Aquarium.

Focusing on reptiles, students explore their adaptations and how they can survive in many different environments. For older groups, conservation messages will be included.

Students interested in marine biology, working with animals, or love aquariums will gain some insight into what it takes to work at an aquarium.

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