Auditorium Programs

Looking to add on a program for a larger school group? All classroom and auditorium programs are designed to support your classroom's science curriculum and enhance Common Core Curriculum Standards and Next Generation Science Standards. For an additional cost, this program is available for up to 125 students and lasts approximately 30 mins.

Additional Cost:

$375 for groups of up to 75 guests
$625 for groups of 76-125 guests

Adventure Aquarium - Clownfish Adventure Aquarium - Clownfish

All Ages

Conservation Champions

Students learn about aquatic animals and the threats posed to their native populations and ocean habitats. Students also discuss how they can make positive changes in their own communities to help create a better future for our oceans and the animals that call them home.

sea turtle sea turtle

Grades 4-12

Endangered at Adventure

Students learn what it means for a species to be endangered and how certain species’ populations have declined over time. Participants have the opportunity to see and learn about some of the endangered species housed here at Adventure Aquarium, including our sea turtles, sand tiger sharks, and great hammerhead shark.

Adventure Aquarium - Shark Adventure Aquarium - Shark

Grades 4-12

Sharks: Truth or Fiction

This jaw-some program introduces students to shark biology, followed by a test of their new-found shark knowledge with a shark-themed trivia game. Students also get the chance to view cool biofacts, like authentic shark jaws and megalodon teeth.

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