Auditorium Programs

Up to 155 students
Additional $4 per person

Looking to add on a program for a larger school group? Auditorium programs can accommodate up to 155 students. All classroom and auditorium programs are designed to support your classroom's science curriculum and enhance Common Core Curriculum Standards and Next Generation Science Standards.

Available to book now for January 15, 2022 and later.

Adventure Aquarium - Clownfish Adventure Aquarium - Clownfish

Conservation Champions

Grades 1 - 4

This program introduces students to some iconic animals, describes a human-caused threat to the animal or habitat, and offers a practical solution that the students can do to help the animal or habitat. A habitat is a living thing's home, where all its needs are met. Habitats around the globe vary widely, but all are touched by human population and development.

Adventure Aquarium - Shark Adventure Aquarium - Shark

Sharks: Truth or Fiction

Grades 5 - 8

This program engages students to dispel myths that movies and popular culture spread about sharks and shark behavior.

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