Vietnamese Mossy Frog

(Theloderma corticale)

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IUCN Conservation Status
Least Concern (LC)


As its name suggests, the Vietnamese mossy frog lives in Vietnam; specifically in northern Vietnam, a region defined by limestone cliffs and evergreen rainforests.


The Vietnamese mossy frog grows up to 3.5 inches (7 to 8 centimeters), with males tending to be smaller and thinner than females.

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Learn about how Frogs & Toads are considered "bioindicators"

Frog Alley in KidZone (Zone C) is also home to the texturized and fascinating Vietnamese mossy frogs! The mossy frog's red, green and black coloration along with uneven, bumpy texture enables it to blend in among mosses and lichens within its habitat. When frightened the mossy frog will fold into a ball and play dead. These frogs have sticky discs at the end of each toe, making them skillful tree climbers. As with most tree frogs, the females will grow larger than the males and can reach sizes 3 inches or more.

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