Poison Dart Frog

(Species vary)

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IUCN Conservation Status
Least Concern (LC)


Rainforests of Central and South America


Size: .75-1.5 inches

Weight: 8.5 grams

Lifespan: 10-15 years


Small insects (i.e., ants, termites, beetles)

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Learn about how Frogs & Toads are considered "bioindicators"

Dart frogs are very toxic and will likely kill anything that tries to eat them. Their very bright colorations make the dart frog easy to see and act as a warning to predators that the animal is poisonous. Most dart frogs lay eggs in humid soil where the adults sit on them to keep them moist. When the eggs hatch, the male carries the tadpoles on his back to a protected pool of water. Often, the protected pool is rainwater that collects between the leaves of bromeliad plants.

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