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IUCN Conservation Status
Endangered (EN)


Found at depths less than 150ft where sunlight penetrates


Lifespan: Up to 5,000 years


Bacterioplankton, zooplankton

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Learn about Coral in Kidzone

Corals are ancient animals that live in large colonies and are related to jellies and anemones. You’ll find various coral species at Adventure Aquarium, including hammer coral, bubble coral, and elegance coral. Adventure Aquarium also houses corals removed from the Florida Reef Tract.

The Florida Reef Tract (FRT) is in our backyard and amid an environmental crisis. An unidentified pathogen causing stony coral tissue loss disease is rapidly progressing through the FRT, causing critical habitat loss. The AZA FRT Rescue Project has established a rescue and conservation network for Florida corals. Alongside many other Zoos and Aquariums, Adventure

Aquarium stepped up to house and maintain corals from the FRT for future restoration projects. Coral reefs are essential to humans as they provide food, protect the shoreline, create tourism-based jobs, and are even a source of medicine.

Want to protect our oceans’ corals? Be sure to use reef-safe sunblock, such as that from Stream2Sea.

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