Meet The 15 Mermaids Diving Deep at Adventure Aquarium

February 22, 2024


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Mermaids are the guardians of the underwater world, which is why they’ve traveled from near and far to spend time with the aquatic animals here at Adventure Aquarium.

Over the next few weeks, you’ll find mermaids diving deep with sharks, wading with stingrays, and singing the songs of the sea as you immerse yourself in an underwater adventure that takes you to the deepest depths of the ocean.

Read on to learn more about our mermaid friends and their tips for ocean conservation:

Aphrodite Aphrodite


Home: Mediterranean Sea

About: Aphrodite is fascinated with all things that are unique, glittering, and artistic. She loves to appreciate the inner beauty of the heart and believes that friendship is extremely powerful.

Favorite Sea Creature: Monk seal

Aphrodite's Reminder: Let your heart guide you, and every day, choose to take action for our ocean’s health!

Caliope Caliope


Home: The sparkling waters of the Caribbean

About: Calliope is an adventurous mermaid who once crossed paths with a pirate known by the name of Captain Jack. She follows her sense of adventure to help pirate ships search for sunken treasures. When she’s not swimming in search of treasure, you can find her patrolling along the coastline, ensuring her animal friends are protected from entanglement in abandoned fishing gear.

Favorite Sea Animal: Jellyfish

Calliope's Reminder: If you see others' garbage on the ground, please help me pick it up, and you will be an ocean protector, too!

Citrine Citrine


Home: Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Scotland.

About: Citrine is an adventurous and artistic mermaid who loves dancing, singing, and traveling. Citrine is known for teaching her sea friends songs and dances and loves to spread the magic of music wherever she goes. She often travels through Loch Brittle into the Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, where she swims under the beautiful waterfalls and dances with the playful sea otters. Rumor has it that Citrine is one of the few mermaids who has seen and interacted with the mysterious fairies. This is where she received her unique gift of music and dance.

Favorite Sea Animal: Sea Otters

Citrine's Reminder: Our oceans and the magnificent creatures that call them home are an essential part of everyone's lives, so let's not take these gifts for granted. Every contribution helps, and everyone can make a difference, no matter how big or small the act.

Eena Eena


Home: Bioluminescent Bay in the Caribbean

 About: During the daytime, Eena loves to play with colorful fish and swim along the fan corals and sea turtles. Her best friend Raya is an eagle ray who lives near the pier in her island home. Worried

about the ocean and the earth’s health, she was inspired to travel around the world’s oceans, meet fantastic creatures, learn healing techniques, and become an advocate for marine life and ecosystems.

Favorite Sea Creature: Eagle stingray

 Eena's Reminder: When you care about something, you will do anything to protect it. Please help me care for our seas!

Esmeralda Esmeralda


Home: Caribbean Sea off the coast of Colombia

About: Esmeralda bravely fights to protect the Reefs, which support extraordinary biodiversity and are home to many different sea creatures. With the help of her Green Moray Eel, Elle educates humans on the importance of Reefs and asks that everyone does their part by not disposing of unwanted items near the sea, beaches, or storm drains.

Favorite Sea Creature: Moray eel

Esmeralda's Reminder: Always be mindful of what goes down your sink and drains into the sea. Be sure it is not harsh chemicals that harm her reef friends!

Hales Hales


Home: The Chesapeake Bay

About: Watching seahorses swim through the seagrass, helping hermit crabs find new homes, and picking up trash in the Bay. Also, learning about every creature she encounters, from slipper snails to humpback whales, Mermaid Hales can tell a tale about any animal she's met!

Favorite Sea Animal: Atlantic octopus

Hales' Reminder: You don't have to live near the ocean to be an ocean protector!

Hau Moana Hau Moana


Home: Polynesian island of Rangiora in Tahiti

About: Hau Moana's name means "Spirit of the Sea," and she represents the sacred connection between people and the ocean. She is strong and beautiful and loves sharing her island culture with others. Her days are spent racing the canoes to the Tuamotu Islands and playing with the rays and sharks in the shallow waters off Bora Bora and Moorea.

 Favorite Sea Creature: Seahorse

 Mau Moana's Reminder: Respect all cultures, and when you learn about unknown waters, you learn to open your heart and mind to protect both people and the ocean.

LilyRose LilyRose


Home: Tropical waters of the Caribbean Sea

About: She loves exploring the many bays and gulfs along the continental coastline, as well as visiting the many islands that form the outer rim of her home. LilyRose spends her free time with the many fish and corals that make up the diverse ecosystem of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the second-largest barrier reef in the world! When she is not swimming around the reef with her dolphin friends, she can be found studying the depths of the Cayman Trough with help from the eyeless shrimp that easily navigate this deep ridge.

Favorite Sea Animal: Striped dolphin

LilyRose's Reminder: Always choose to reuse! Remember to bring your reusable bags with you to the grocery store. If you accidentally forget, instead of using single-use plastic bags, you can place your groceries back into your cart (without a bag) and then take the cart to your car to unload!

Mari Mari


Home: Warm waters of the Mexican Caribbean Sea.

About: She loves reminding other mermaids about their true worth and lifts everyone up. She is also very concerned about the rising ocean temperature in her waters, causing the Sargassum (seaweed kelp) to grow out of control and damaging her coral reefs.

Favorite Sea Animal: Eagle stingray

Mari's Reminder: Please do what you can on land to help reduce the temperatures of my waters and keep our oceans healthy.

Skye Skye


Home: Freshwater lakes and rivers of the Appalachian Mountains.

About: Skye is a free-spirited mermaid who has seen how a single drop of rain from high above a mountaintop will find its way into a stream or river and finally end its journey in the open ocean. Every year, mermaid Skye migrates to the warm turquoise waters of the Gulf of Mexico, where she spends time skimming along the surface with cow nose stingrays and flying fish.

Favorite Sea Animal: Cow nose stingray

Skye's Reminder: Our Earth’s ecosystems are intimately connected, and the small changes we make to protect our waterways, even upstream, can make a big difference for our finned, furry, and feathered friends.

Summer Summer


Home: Baltic Sea

Loves: Exploring, collecting healing stones, and meeting new friends.

About: Summer is a creative, bubbly, and compassionate mermaid who has assigned herself two primary missions: to help others believe in themselves and to educate the world about ways to help protect the oceans that she and many others call home.

Favorite Sea Animal: Monk seal

Summer's Reminder: Raising awareness is the first step to saving our oceans. Help be an advocate for all your favorite sea creatures! Most of them can’t speak, so it is our duty as beings with voices to be that voice for them.

Sydney Sydney


Home: the beautiful seas of Sydney, Australia – her namesake.

About: Sydney is a fun and lively-spirited mermaid who can usually be found swimming with sharks!

She loves traveling to new places so she can meet new people and explore reefs around the world. The Great Barrier Reef is her favorite natural wonder of the world!

Favorite Sea Animal: Sharks

Sydney's Reminder: Sharks should be revered, not feared! Humans need to educate others on how essential oceans and sharks are to the human world and its future generations. Without oceans, we wouldn’t have healthy fish to eat or clean air to breathe, and without sharks, our ocean ecosystems would become completely unbalanced.

Vayna Vayna


Home: The turquoise waters of an ancient cenote, a hidden freshwater pool surrounded by jungle, in the Rivera Maya region of Mexico.

Loves: Vayna is a friend to all creatures and loves to race bull sharks along the vein of water. She fiercely loves the ocean and works daily to guard its coral reefs, which are home to many animals and help keep her beloved ocean healthy. Vayna has a bold, adventurous spirit and adores her brave and caring mersisters.

 Favorite Sea Animal: Seahorse

Vayna's Reminder: We need your help to keep plastics and harmful items from the human world from ending up in the ocean. You can help by using reusable human items like shopping bags, water bottles, and straws. If you see garbage, pick it up so my ocean friends can remain unharmed!

Venilia Venilia


Home: Mystical cold water of New York

About: Venilia is a wishing mermaid who loves to explore new oceans, discover their many secrets, and learn from all kinds of fun sea creatures along the way! Her greatest wish is to see the ocean healthy again.

Favorite Sea Creature: Sea star

Venilia's Reminder: Let's keep our oceans clean for healthy coral reefs; the sea stars will thank you!

Zora Zora


Home: The calm and crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea.

About: Zora is a bubbly, kind, and adventurous mermaid who sees her aquatic home as a living work of art. She also spends time studying and tending to the colorful reef home to her fishy friends.

Favorite Sea Animal: Parrotfish

Zora's Reminder: Treat coral reefs like a garden. Each beautiful structure is a bed of delicate flowers to protect and care for.


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