Meet The 10 Mermaids Diving Deep At Adventure Aquarium

May 30, 2023


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Mermaids are the guardians of the underwater world, which is why they’ve traveled from near and far to spend time with the aquatic animals here at Adventure Aquarium. Over the next few weeks, you’ll find mermaids diving deep with sharks, wading with stingrays, and singing the songs of the sea as you immerse yourself in an underwater adventure that takes you to the deepest depths of the ocean.

Read on to learn more about our resident mermaids and their tips for ocean conservation:


Meet Adelaide

Meet Adelaide

MERMAID ADELAIDE is musical, curious, loving, and playful.

Range: The warm waters off the coast of Australia.

Loves: Exploring caves and shipwrecks.

Hobbies: Adelaide can often be found singing above the water or swimming through the East Australian current in search of her shark friends in need.

Favorite Sea Animal: Whale Shark

Adelaide’s Reminder: The ocean takes care of us. Let’s return the favor.

Meet Calliope

Meet Calliope

MERMAID CALLIOPE is an adventurous mermaid who once crossed paths with a pirate known by the name of Captain Jack.

Range: The sparkling waters of the Caribbean.

Loves: Being dubbed an official Pirate Mermaid.

Hobbies: Calliope follows her sense of adventure to help pirate ships search for sunken treasures. When she’s not swimming in search of treasure, you can find her patrolling along the coastline, making sure her animal friends are safe from entanglement in abandoned fishing gear.

Favorite Sea Animal: Jellyfish

Calliope’s Reminder: If you see other’s garbage on the ground, please help me pick it up and you will be an ocean protector too!

Meet Citrine

Meet Citrine

MERMAID CITRINE is adventurous, artistic, and rumored to be one of the few mermaids to have seen and interacted with the mysterious fairies on the Isle of Skye.

Range: The waters of the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Scotland.

Loves: Dancing, singing, and spreading the magic of music wherever she goes.

Hobbies: Traveling through Loch Brittle into the fairy pools on the Isle of Skye.

Favorite Sea Animal: Sea Otters

Citrine’s Reminder: Our oceans and the magnificent creatures that call them home are an important and essential part of everyone's lives, so let's not take these gifts for granted. Every contribution helps, and everyone can make a difference, no matter how big or small the act.

Meet Lelu

Meet Lelu

MERMAID LELU has an adventurous spirit and loves to meet new girls, boys, sharks, and catfish during her travels around the globe.

Range: The tropical waters of Micronesia

Loves: Her home waters, which are home to lots of islands and reefs which welcome unique sea friends visiting on their migrations from around the world.

Hobbies: Lelu recently took her first exploration away from the familiar waters of home with her mer-friends to visit the Atlantic Ocean. She met girls and boys, sharks and catfish, and so many other interesting ocean creatures.

Favorite Sea Animal: Octopus

Lelu’s Reminder: Be brave and always stay true to who you are….an ocean protector!

Meet Lumi

Meet Lumi

MERMAID LUMI is very passionate about her aquatic home and all who inhabit it, making sure those who live, visit, and fish in the Fjords and Artic keep its ecosystem happy and healthy.

Range: The icy waters of the Arctic Circle.

Loves: Lumi loves to visit aquariums to share her love for protecting the sea, meet more humans, and swim with new species of fish and sharks!

Hobbies: Swimming between the Icelandic waters to the fjords of Norway, where she spends most of her time playing with her friends: seals, salmon, minke whales, and jellyfish.

Favorite Sea Animal: Harbor Seal

Lumi’s Reminder: Everything in life, from land to sea, is connected – meaning our actions can have an impact that stretches for miles. We all must do our part to keep our planet a safe and healthy home for all.

Meet Nova

Meet Nova

MERMAID NOVA is known for her adventurous spirit, laughter, and compassion for all living things. 

Loves: The stars, the constellations, and the stories that accompany them.

Hobbies: Traveling the world and seeing some of the most exquisite places, like the lost city of Atlantis and the sunken city of Baia in Italy.

Favorite Ocean Animal: Sea Star

Nova's Reminder: Remember, when you look up to the stars, there are also undiscovered (sea) stars in the oceans below!

Meet River

Meet River

MERMAID RIVER has a strong will and adventurous spirit and is ready for anything.

Range: The ancient coastline of Scotland in the North Atlantic Sea.

Loves: Telling stories of her amazing adventures helping to protect the ocean and all of its creatures.

Hobbies: Learning new languages. She is fluent in whale, dolphin, and shrimp!

Favorite Sea Animal: Sea Lion

River’s Reminder: There are always ways to help protect the Ocean. Even if you help once a day, you can start a chain reaction that will make all the sea animals smile.

Meet Sydney

Meet Sydney

MERMAID SYDNEY is a fun and lively-spirited mermaid who can usually be found swimming with sharks!

Range: the beautiful seas of Sydney, Australia – her namesake.

Loves: The Great Barrier Reef…her favorite natural wonder of the world.

Hobbies: Traveling to new places so she can meet new people and explore reefs around the world.

Favorite Sea Animal: Sharks

Sydney’s Reminder: Sharks should be revered, not feared! It’s important for people to educate others on how important oceans and sharks are to the human world and its future generations. Without oceans, we wouldn’t have healthy fish to eat or clean air to breathe, and without sharks, our ocean ecosystems would become completely unbalanced.

Meet Vanya

Meet Vanya

MERMAID VAYNA has a bold, adventurous spirit and adores her brave and caring mersisters.

Range: The turquoise waters of an ancient cenote, a hidden freshwater pool surrounded by jungle, in the Rivera Maya region of Mexico.

Loves: Her sacred home, which is a place for all mermaids. A single underground vein of water connects the beloved cenote to the ocean beyond. This sacred vein of water allows mermaids to live hidden in both the jungle and the ocean.

Favorite Sea Animal: Seahorse

Vayna’s Reminder: We need your help to keep plastics and harmful items from the human world from ending up in the ocean. You can help by using reusable human items like shopping bags, water bottles, and straws. If you see garbage, be sure to pick it up so my ocean friends can remain unharmed!

Meet Zora

Meet Zora

MERMAID ZORA is a bubbly, kind, and adventurous mermaid who sees her aquatic home as a living work of art.

Range: The calm and crystal-clear waters of the Red Sea.

Loves: Spending time studying and tending to the colorful reef that’s home to all of her fishy friends.

Hobbies: Visiting different ocean areas to compare the differences in the coral and creatures that call them home.

Favorite Sea Animal: Parrotfish

Zora’s Reminder: Treat coral reefs like a garden. Each beautiful structure is a bed of delicate flowers to protect and care for.

Capture magical memories as these enchanting divers glide beneath the waves, splash with stingrays above the surf and even greet you on land.

Experience the enchantment before it disappears.


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