Aquarium Insiders

Adventure Aquarium is proud to introduce its first group of Aquarium Insiders! This group will give their insider tips, share their behind-the-scene stories, reveal their favorite spots at the Aquarium and dole out some big announcements!

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Holli Carlin

Holli is a local mom of two who was born and raised in South New Jersey. She is the publisher for Macaroni KID Cherry Hill. Holli is always looking for fun family activities and trying to keep the kids active, learning and out of the house! In addition to publishing Macaroni KID Cherry Hill, she also works as a paralegal. Holli is a makeup lover, shark enthusiast and loves helping other families find their family fun! Continue Reading

David & Jake Engle

David and Jake are a father-and-son writing duo. Jake’s passion for fish began when he was 6 months old during his first trip to Adventure Aquarium. That passion has only grown (and rubbed off on David, as Jake teaches him everything there is to know!) with time and dozens of visits to Adventure Aquarium over the last 16 years. Lovers of all sea creatures, especially sharks, David and Jake are excited to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for marine life and, of course, Adventure Aquarium! Continue Reading

Lauren Frazier

Lauren is a working mom who loves weekend adventures. She and her son (who wants to be a marine biologist when he grows up!) love to visit Adventure Aquarium to learn about animals. Most recently, they met African penguin Maisey during a Penguin Encounter, and learned about molting. When not on a weekend adventure, she can be found at work or home enjoying family time. A Temple University alumna with a degree in Journalism, she loves writing and capturing candid photos. Tune in for fun things to do with your family at Adventure Aquarium! Continue Reading

Catlyn Latham

Catlyn is a stay-at-home mom of three munchkins — Vinny (9), Hayley (6) and Zoey (3) — and a full time undergrad student. She’s been married to her husband for 10 years and together they share dogs, cats, fish, a lizard and a turtle! As a family, they love anything with fur, fins or scales and do their best to learn all they can about each member of their animal family. Continue Reading
Richardson, M.Ed.

Rebecca Richardson, M.Ed.

Rebecca resides in South New Jersey with her husband and three children. The Richardson family enjoys going to the beach, caring for their pets and visiting Adventure Aquarium. In particular, they love the loggerhead sea turtles and the African penguins. Rebecca is an elementary STEAM teacher in New Jersey. With 15 years experience teaching, Rebecca specializes in sharing the latest STEAM experiences with students in grades 3 through 6. One of her personal goals is to help as many children as possible find their passion in life to pursue as a career. Continue Reading

Annalisa Vivona

Annalisa Vivona is a writer, veteran and mother living in South New Jersey. Annalisa has her Master’s degree in Creative Writing and works as a journalist for various online entities. She’s passionate about ocean conservation and everything there is to do with the ocean! Continue Reading

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