Shows and Feeds

African Penguin Feeding

Come hear our biologists talk about our African penguins while they give them a snack.

Showtimes Daily

Location: Penguin Island

Hippo Feeding

Watch as our biologists toss treats to Nile Hippos Button and Genny at Hippo Haven.

Showtimes Daily

Location: Hippo Haven

Little Blue Penguin Feeding

Come watch our biologists feed the little blue penguins from inside Little Blue Beach (Zone A).

Showtimes Daily

Location: Little Blue Beach

Meet the Divers

Meet members of Adventure Aquarium's dive team and find out what keeps them moving through the water.

Showtimes Daily

Location: Ocean Realm Theater

Ocean Realm Chat

Meet one of our animal experts to learn about the residents of Ocean Realm.

Location: Ocean Realm Panoramic Window

Shark Realm Chat

Meet a shark expert and learn about the residents of shark realm.

Showtimes daily

Location: Shark Realm

Stingray Beach Club Experience

Stingray Beach Club will offer guests the exclusive chance to feed our friendly stingrays.

Daily Feedings

Location: Stingray Beach Club

Up Close Animal Experiences

Stop by our Discovery Deck to meet one of our live animal ambassadors!

Please Note: On weekends at 12 PM, 2PM, and 3PM, Up Close Experiences are located at Blue Mile  

Location: Hippo Haven