Shows and Feeds

African Penguin Feeding

African penguins eat 20% of their body weight in one sitting! Watch it happen live during one of our daily feeds and hear our biologists talk about these fascinating creatures.

*African Penguins are off exhibit due to Penguin Island renovations. To follow construction progress, click here.

Location: Off Exhibit

Hippo Bedtime

Before you leave for the day, help Button and Genny get ready for bed! Head to Hippo Haven to listen to a Button and Genny story told by one of our cast members, wish the girls sweet dreams and end the day by helping our biologists bring Button and Genny to bed.

Showtimes Daily

Location: Hippo Haven

Hippo Feeding

Watch as our biologists provide a Q&A and toss treats to Nile Hippos Button and Genny at Hippo Haven.

Showtimes Daily

Location: Hippo Haven

Little Blue Penguin Feeding

Swing by our all-new Little Blue Beach exhibit (Zone A) to meet little blues, aka - the CUTEST. PENGUINS. EVER. and watch biologists feed our little blue penguin colony during your visit.

Showtimes Daily

Location: Little Blue Beach

Meet the Divers

Meet members of Adventure Aquarium's dive team and find out what keeps them moving through the water.

Showtimes Daily

Location: Ocean Realm Theater

Ocean Realm Experience

Ocean Realm is the largest exhibit at Adventure Aquarium. We invite you to come and learn about Ocean Realm's residents - including massive sea turtles, stingray, sharks - including our great hammerhead, and much more!

Location: Ocean Realm Theater

Sea Turtle Time!

Tick tock, it's turtle time. Meet us in Ocean Realm Panoramic Window to learn all about Adventure Aquarium's two species of sea turtles: Loggerhead and Green while they enjoy a snack!

Weekend Showtimes

Location: Ocean Realm Panoramic Window

Shark Realm Talk

Meet a shark expert and learn about the residents of shark realm.

Showtimes daily

Location: Shark Realm

Stingray Beach Club Experience

Have you ever wanted to treat a sting ray to lunch? Now you can! Stingray Beach Club will offer guests the exclusive chance to feed our friendly sting rays.

Daily Feedings

Location: Stingray Beach Club

Up Close Animal Experiences

Be on the lookout for a special encounter with a rodent, reptile or bird during one of our daily animal experiences. You never know what you'll see up close!

Please note that we will have African penguin up closes at 11 AM and 2 PM.

Check your daily show guide for showtimes

Location: Hippo Haven