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Classroom Programs

Add an immersive classroom experience to your field trip! Classroom programs are 30 minutes in length, limited to 30 students per classroom, and available Monday through Friday. Classroom programs are not offered on major holidays.

The Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium offers classroom lessons that engage students while supporting curriculum. Our programs align with Next Generation Science Standards and PA & NJ Science Academic Standards. We offer a variety of Classroom Lessons for your students, available for Early Learners (ages 3 and under) and for Grades PreK - 12.

If you do not see a program that interests you, the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium staff would be happy to design a program especially for your class. Please note that custom programs will cost more than regular programs. Please call 856-361-1025 or email for information regarding this special service.

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Limited to 30 students per program
$4 per person

Sea Senses Review the five human senses, and compare and contrast them with the senses of ocean animals.

Animal Wrappers Examine the diversity of feathers, scales and fur across the animal kingdom with many touchable artifact examples.
Penguin Fun
Dive deeper into the world of penguins, exploring their feathers, food, and families! Please Note: this program does NOT include a live penguin.

What's Your Habitat
Survey the diversity of animal homes around the world by meeting live animal ambassadors and learning why their homes suit them perfectly.

Seastem Lab - Ocean Deep
This hands-on learning lab takes students on a voyage through the ocean's layers to discover their properties and the animals who live there. Students will create their own ocean depth illustration.
Demystify the biology of shark teeth, shark species and shark behavior.

Sea STEM Lab - Ocean Pollution
In this hands-on learning lab, students will investigate the causes and effects of ocean pollution. Students will create a simulated oil spill, and experience the challenges of pollution cleanup.
Endangered At Adventure
Learn about the ways in which animals become endangered, and how Adventure Aquarium cares for their most endangered animal ambassadors.

Adaptation Evaluation
Live animal ambassadors introduces the concept of adaptations to habitats. An adaptation is a change (physical or behavioral) in a species over time that helps it survives. Adaptations include specialized teeth, camouflage, and migration.
Aquarium Careers
Learn about the many STEM careers available at an aquarium, and the day-to-day routines and qualifications necessary to work with sharks, penguins, and turtles.

Sea STEM Lab - Aquarium Water Quality and Climate Change
In this hands-on learning lab, students will test water using equipment and chemical processes used by biologists at the aquarium to identify water samples collected from aquarium exhibits.
I Am A Sea Star
Engage your senses and discover aquatic animals through imitation, vocalization, and movement, with plenty of sensory opportunities including animal artifacts. This program is for students who would prefer a less-structured, more imaginative animal lesson.

Terrific Turtles
Meet several live turtles while learning about turtle and tortoise behavior, food, and habitats. This program is for students interested in exploring a topic in depth.