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Location: Zone E

The Marketplace

The Marketplace, an all-new eco-friendly dining experience, features an open concept kitchen with a sleek and modern design accompanied by warm, rustic touches.

Guests can choose from an enticingly fresh, thoughtful menu with locally-sourced, seasonal options for the entire family.

At the Marketplace, we are centered on a commitment to help combat plastics from entering our ocean through sustainable practices like composting and recycling.

We can't wait for you to dine with us. 

Playing & Eating Safe Together

We have implemented new and easy-to-use mobile food and beverage ordering for the Marketplace and the Flying Fish Beer Garden. You will receive a text message alerting you when and where your order is ready to be picked up. All dining must be enjoyed while seated in the Marketplace, Flying Fish Beer Garden or Penguin Park at our recently reconfigured seating, which allows adequate social distancing measures.
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Green 2 BlueAdventure Aquarium commits to help improve and preserve the health of the world's oceans. The Marketplace will implement the following:

Seafood Watch –The Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch program empowers consumers and businesses to make choices for a healthy ocean, helping to support diverse marine ecosystems for the future.

Compostable Products – Compostable PLA plastic, plant-based straws and compostable sugar cane plates and bowls, along with PETE Recyclable plastic cups and lids, cutlery and salad containers will be used in the new Marketplace.

Ambrogi – Seasonal, locally-sourced produce from Ambrogi, which is 80% locally grown in New Jersey will be used in the food offerings.

Seafood WatchⓇ is a registered service mark of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Foundation