Stingray Beach Club

Welcome to Stingray Beach Club, where it’s always warm and sunny and even though you’re inside, it feels bright and airy like you’ve been transported to a tropical island oasis.

From the moment you step inside Stingray Beach Club, you’ll feel the beauty of the islands coming to life - bright open spaces, thatched roof structures, palm trees, a sand castle – its all part of the experience!

Guests of Stingray Beach Club are invited to dip their hands into the warm waters of a massive stingray touch pool to experience what it feels like to touch several stingray species:

    • Cownose rays - known for their adorable cow-like faces
    • Southern stingrays –featured prominently at “stingray city” in the Cayman Islands.

Not only can guests touch the graceful, gentle residents of Stingray Beach Club, they can hand-feed them too! Feeding opportunities are offered at select times daily. Guests can purchase cups of fish to hand-feed the stingrays. Experience the friendly slaps of the rays’ fins on the water and feel the gentle “kisses” on your hand as these curious creatures approach to feed. It’s an awesome experience!

Don’t worry moms and dads…for younger explorers, we’ve created Sand Castle Island, an interactive play area inside Stingray Beach Club that features a moat, a drawbridge, a water wheel, a working waterfall, and yes, even a castle…well, a sand castle! Sand Castle Island also features a special touch pool just for little explorers, featuring smaller stingrays (Yellow Stingrays), a lower wall height, and clear acrylic walls for easy viewing of the stingrays from both above and below the water’s surface.

INSIDER TIP: In order to enhance the experience for all of our guests in Stingray Beach Club, stroller access is restricted.  Stroller parking is conveniently located outside of the exhibit and clearly marked with signs. Please do not hesitate to ask a Crew Member for help.

Things To Know

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