Blacktip Sharks Blacktip Sharks

Pacific Blacktip Reef Shark


Size: About 5 feet long
Habitat/Range: In shallow water in the Indo-Pacific Ocean from the Red Sea and East Africa to the Hawaiian Islands and south to French Polynesia. They also have moved into the eastern Mediterranean Sea through the Suez Canal.
IUCN Status: Vulnerable

Pacific blacktip reef sharks display distinct black marking on their fins, differentiating them from Atlantic blacktip reef sharks. The black fins against their light cream-colored bodies are quite striking. During your visit to Ocean Realm, you’ll see our Pacific blacktip reef sharks speeding past Anchor and the other sharks in the exhibit. Pacific blacktip reef sharks feed on fish and invertebrates found in their coral reef habitats. They enjoy crustaceans, cephalopods and mollusks. At the aquarium they are fed a varied diet of capelin, squid, mackerel, herring, blue runner and clam.

Things to Know
Ocean Realm
Scientific Name: Carcharhinus melanopterus