Lined Seahorse seahorse

Lined Seahorse

Size: Up to 7.5 inches long
Habitat/Range: Marine vegetation in the western Atlantic Ocean from Canada to Venezuela
IUCN Status: Vulnerable

One of the most fascinating and delicate creatures in the animal kingdom. Seahorses are fish, though they are also closely related to pipefish and sea dragons. They do not have scales like most other fish, but rather have bony plates just below the skin that act like a suit of armor. Seahorses are weak swimmers, and their prehensile tail allows them to hold onto grass or rocks so that they won't be swept away. Many seahorses can change color to camouflage with their surroundings. Some species even develop fleshy tabs on their skin to help them hide. When eating, the seahorse's long snout acts like a powerful straw, sucking prey into its mouth.

Things to Know
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Scientific Name: Hippocampus erectus

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