Laughing Kookaburra

(Dacelo novaeguineae)

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Little Blue Beach
IUCN Conservation Status
Least Concern (LC)


Laughing kookaburras are native to woodlands and open forests in Australia


Height: 15.4 to 16.5 inches (39 to 42 centimeters) Weight: 6.9 to 16.4 ounces (196 to 465 grams); females slightly heavier than males

The laughing kookaburra is the largest of the kingfishers, but unlike its relatives, it prefers a diet of rodents, reptiles and insects over fish. When hunting, it will sit motionless on a perch, waiting to pounce on passing prey.

According to Aboriginal legend, the kookaburra’s extremely loud, laugh-like call is a signal for the sky people to light the sun each morning. In reality, the daily call at dusk and dawn is used by a kookaburra family to mark its territory.

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