Octopus Octopus

Giant Pacific Octopus

Size: Up to 16 feet
Habitat/Range: Temperate coastal waters of the Pacific Ocean


See one of the coolest and exotic of the deep ocean creatures: The giant Pacific octopus. Many people are fans of the octopus, but few realize what an amazing animal it truly is. The giant Pacific octopus is one of the largest kinds of octopus in the world. An octopus mouth has a parrot-like beak, which it uses to crack open crabs and other hard-shelled animals. That beak is the only hard part of an octopus body; the rest is soft and squishy. Remarkably, an octopus can squeeze through any opening that's bigger than its beak. Usually, that's any space bigger than a quarter! An octopus has 8 arms, each covered with about 280 suction cups (about 2240 in total). These suction cups are covered in taste buds, so if an octopus touches something, it also tastes it. 


Things to Know
Jules Verne
Scientific Name: Enteroctopus dofleini