Blacktip Shark Blacktip Shark

Atlantic Blacktip Shark

Size: Up to 5 feet long
Habitat/Range: Inshore and offshore tropical to subtropical coastal, shelf and island waters worldwide
IUCN Status: Near Threatened


The Atlantic blacktip shark gets its name from its distinctive black markings on the tips of its fins. Although it is found worldwide, it is one of the most common sharks found inshore off the coast of Florida. It can also tolerate waters with low salinity and is often seen in and around river mouths, bays and mangrove swamps. The Atlantic blacktip shark primarily feeds on small schooling fish including herring, sardines, menhaden, mullet and anchovies. It will vertically attack a school at high speed, snapping at the fish as it passes through it. During a feeding frenzy, the momentum will cause it to leap out of the water and spin three to four times about its axis.

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Scientific Name: Carcharhinus limbatus
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