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Discover unique exhibits around every turn as you explore the under water world with over 15,000 aquatic animals, including the largest collection of sharks in the Northeast, Little Blue penguins, Nile hippos and more. You’ll experience exciting attractions, like the Shark Bridge, Shark Tunnel, and our touch tanks.

Go Behind The Scenes

Encounters Are Back!

Book a one-of-a-kind experience with our Nile hippos, sea turtles, or our new Wild Things encounters.
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NEW- Wild Things Encounter

Experience an up-close encounter with the animals serving as our animal ambassadors.
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Nile Hippo Encounter

Find out where our hippos go when they aren’t out on exhibit in this exclusive behind-the-scenes encounter.
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Sea Turtle Encounter

Tong feed green and loggerhead sea turtles from the top of our Ocean Realm exhibit.

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Little Blue Penguins

The smallest of the penguin species, little blue penguins, only weigh an average of 3 pounds and grow to around 13 inches tall.
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