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Employee Spotlight

The Adventure Aquarium team is made up of dedicated individuals who work together to provide exceptional care for our animals and a fun and safe experience for our guests. Get to know our team members, and hear from the experts about our hidden gems and tips for visiting that will make your experience even better.

January Employee Spotlight:

Employee Spotlight
Mary Elizabeth Reitnauer
Biologist- Bird & Mammal


Best thing about working at Adventure Aquarium?

The best part of my job is sharing my knowledge with our guests and Scuba Diving! 

What I wish guests knew about Adventure Aquarium?

The husbandry team at Adventure Aquarium are full of dedicated, hardworking, smart, caring, and passionate individuals. The work of an Adventure Aquarium biologist is not glamorous, and it takes a special kind of dedication to provide care to our animals that require attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Being a biologist is more than just a job. It’s a career, it’s a passion, it’s a calling.

My favorite spot at Adventure Aquarium?

The half circle window in Hippo Haven’s, underwater viewing. This window gives you a unique view of Button, Genny and all the different species of fish that share their home. 

Favorite aquarium animal?  

African Penguins, especially #48… her name is Marina. 😊 She is very smart and knows her name!