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Employee Spotlight

The Adventure Aquarium team is made up of dedicated individuals who work together to provide exceptional care for our animals and a fun and safe experience for our guests. Get to know our team members, and hear from the experts about our hidden gems and tips for visiting that will make your experience even better.

April Employees Spotlight:

Employee Spotlight
Elizabeth Hann
Zoological Operations Manager


How long have you worked at Adventure Aquarium?
In July, I will have been at Adventure Aquarium for 16 years!

Best thing about working at Adventure Aquarium?
While it has been amazing to work closely with and care for our amazing animal collection, I have to say the best thing about working at Adventure Aquarium is the lifelong friendships I have made here. I can’t picture my life without them, it would be too boring!

What I wish guests knew about Adventure Aquarium?
Adventure Aquarium and our staff do a lot of great things behind-the-scenes for conservation and sustainability such as: committing to only feeding our animals sustainably sourced seafood, cleaning up trash along the Delaware River, participating in annual horseshoe crab surveys, bald eagle nest monitoring, donating molted parrot feathers to the Puebloan Tribes of Arizona and New Mexico and hosting a chapter of Frogwatch. We are not only committed to the animals in our collection, but their wild counterparts and the environments they live in.

Favorite aquarium animal?
This is a tough one! I love our female silky shark because she is an AMAZING shark; but I have to say, my favorite animal is Anchor, our great hammerhead shark. I have a personal connection to him. When he came in 2011, I was his biologist because I was taking care of Ocean Realm and was the first person to feed him at Adventure Aquarium. When he came, he was a little guy, 3 to 4 feet long, so it’s been fun to watch him grow into the beautiful shark he is now!

Employee Spotlight
Luke Del Signore
Guest Services Lead


How long have you been at Adventure Aquarium?
2 years

Best thing about working at Adventure Aquarium?
The best thing about working here is the behind-the-scenes access to the animals.

What is your tip for Guests?
My tip for guests is to book an encounter! My favorite is the Wild Things encounter with our porcupines!

Favorite aquarium animal?
My favorite animal at the aquarium is the Giant Pacific Octopus.