Shark Realm

If it feels like you’re being stalked, you are. The moment you enter our new 40-foot shark tunnel, you’ll feel it. Dozens of hungry eyes following your every move. Over 20 sharks and 200 animals live in our 550,000-gallon shark realm. So you can find yourself completely surrounded by some of the fiercest creatures in the ocean.

Suggested Activities

Atlantic Menhaden

The Atlantic menhaden is a species of fish related to the herring. It is silver in color with a black spot on its shoulder behind the gill openings. Menhaden will swarm together and form compact groups known as "schools", which are usually large in size and made up of both juveniles and mature adults.

Location: Shark Realm

Blacktip Shark

The blacktip shark gets its name from its distinctive black markings on the tips of its fins. Although it is found worldwide, it is one of the most common sharks found inshore off the coast of Florida.

Location: Shark Realm

Nurse Shark

The nurse shark is a common inshore bottom-dwelling shark, found in tropical and subtropical waters, and its typical habitats are reefs, channels between mangrove islands and sand flats.

Location: Shark Realm

Sandbar Shark

The sandbar shark, also known as the brown shark, is one of the biggest coastal sharks in the world. It is the most common shark species swimming along the mid-Atlantic coast. Its most distinguishing characteristic is a taller than average first dorsal fin.

Location: Shark Realm

Sand Tiger Shark

The sand tiger shark is a large, slow-moving shark notable for its jagged teeth and menacing appearance. This shark looks fierce as it slowly swims with its mouth open and needle-like teeth exposed.

Location: Shark Realm

Shark Bridge

Shark Bridge, presented by Horizon, brings you even closer to these incredible creatures than ever before! Walk just inches above magnificent sand tiger, sandbar and nurse sharks along with other animals in this unique V-shaped rope suspension bridge - the longest bridge of its kind in the world.

Location: Zone D

Touch A Shark

You and your family and friends will be thrilled to actually TOUCH and FEEL some of the most exotic sharks in the world in the TOUCH A SHARK exhibit.

Location: Zone A