Sea Turtle Cove

Sea Turtle Cove, located in Zone A adjacent to the 760,000-gallon Ocean Realm, focuses on endangered species of sea turtles from around the globe as well the resident loggerhead and green sea turtles of Adventure Aquarium. This beautiful and colorful exhibit tells the story of the variety of sea turtle species and the dangers these animals face from hatchling to adulthood.  Fun, interactive displays also portray simple ways to help sea turtles when enjoying the beach, ocean and other areas.  Guests will get to know the Aquarium’s resident sea turtles, ranging in size from hundreds of pounds to just ounces, as they learn more about these fascinating animals through signage, videos and interactive displays. 

Suggested Activities

Green Sea Turtle

Head to Adventure Aquarium’s 760,000 gallon Ocean Realm Exhibit to see some of our most popular animals: Green Sea Turtles!

Location: Ocean Realm

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Ocean Realm is home to loggerhead sea turtles, including everyone’s favorite: Bob, a female loggerhead that can often be seen greeting guests in front of the viewing window.

Location: Ocean Realm