Piranha Falls

Deep in the Amazon is a world like no other, where piranha swim in a waterfall tucked away in the vast rainforest. Off in the distance, a storm approaches…are you ready for the journey?

Journey to Piranha Falls for a unique multi-sensory experience of life on the Amazon River, virtually taking you deep into the largest rainforest on Earth without leaving New Jersey. Watch our school of 120 glittering red-bellied piranha swim below two beautiful waterfalls. See, hear and feel the change in weather as an intense rainstorm moves in.


Suggested Activities

Red-bellied Piranha

Piranha are known for their razor-sharp teeth and relentless bite. In fact, the word piranha translates to “tooth fish” in the Brazilian language Tupí. With its sharp teeth and pack-hunting behavior, the piranha is imagined by many to be a ferocious predator, especially in Hollywood movies.

Location: Piranha Falls