Ocean Realm

In Adventure Aquarium's Ocean Realm Exhibit, guests come face-to-face with 760,000 gallons of seawater. Go ahead. Press your nose against one of the two movie-screen-sized window and catch sight of southern stingrays, silky sharks, zebra shark, hammerhead shark and more!

Suggested Activities

Great Hammerhead Shark

Adventure Aquarium has the distinction of being the only aquarium in the United States with a great hammerhead shark on exhibit. Although there are nine different species of hammerhead shark in the world, the great hammerhead is the biggest.

Location: Ocean Realm

Green Sea Turtle

Head to Adventure Aquarium’s 760,000 gallon Ocean Realm Exhibit to see some of our most popular animals: Green Sea Turtles!

Location: Ocean Realm

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Ocean Realm is home to loggerhead sea turtles, including everyone’s favorite: Bob, a female loggerhead that can often be seen greeting guests in front of the viewing window.

Location: Ocean Realm

Silky Shark

The silky shark is named for the smooth texture of its skin, which is made up of densely packed scales called dermal denticles. It is one of the most abundant sharks and can be found in tropical waters around the world.

Location: Ocean Realm