Hippo Haven

Guests entering our Hippo Haven experience will find themselves immersed in a colorful landscape of light and sound - a vibrant theatrical environment that immerses guests in “a day in the life on an African river.” Along with way, guests are invited to learn more about Nile hippos Button and Genny, meet our cape crested porcupine, and finally come ‘nose to nose’ with 3,000+ pound hippos Button and Genny in an unparalleled hippo viewing experience both above and below the water. Inches away on the other side of the glass, guests will be able to these graceful creatures from an intimate angle, and watch as they bounce gracefully and effortlessly underwater. Guests will learn about one of the most powerful creatures in this world – the hippopotamus – and the hippo’s relationship to its environment and the other animals that live along the African river.

Suggested Activities

African Cichlid

Cichlids are one of the largest families of fish, with over 1600 described species.  New species are discovered annually and scientists estimate there may be as many as 3000 species.

Location: Hippo Haven

Nile Hippopotamus

Head to Adventure Aquarium's Hippo Haven to meet and witness Button and Genny, two massive Nile hippos (3,000 lbs each).

Location: Hippo Haven