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Button and Genny welcome you to visit their renovated home with some brand new friends! Along with way, learn more about Nile hippos, and come ‘nose to nose’ with 3,000+ pound hippos Button and Genny in an unparalleled hippo viewing experience both above and below the water.

Inches away on the other side of the glass, guests will be able to see these graceful creatures from an intimate angle, and watch as they bounce gracefully and effortlessly underwater.

Hippo Haven Hippo

Meet Our Girls

Button Swimming

I was born at a zoo in Mexico in March of 1997 and am so happy that Adventure Aquarium has been my hip-tastic home since 2005! I love to swim with our African cichlid neighbors, those little fish even help keep our teeth clean. It’s a lovely neighborhood.

Genny Swimming

Even though I’m a year 2000 baby, I am much larger than my friend, Button. That’s what 35 - 40 pounds of grain, Timothy hay, fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens will do for a growing hippo! We love to get our energy out with all of the fun enrichment activities our biologist buddies provide us.

New Renovations

Hippo Haven Concept
Clown Fish

Exhibit Renovations

Find yourself in a habitat similar to what would be seen in Africa. Guests will be introduced to Hippo Haven with big, beautiful lanterns, and lush tree branches hanging above the intricate huts, which will house Button and Genny’s new neighbors.

Hippo Haven Concept

New Hippo Friends

Button and Genny’s new friends include four uromastyx, named after the popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leonardo, Donatello, Michelangelo and Raphael. Louise and Gertrude, pancake tortoises, will also be added to Hippo Haven, along with spiny tailed lizards, shield tailed agamas and a grey parrot. All animals, like Button and Genny, call Africa home!

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