Caribbean Currents

Walk through Caribbean Currents and you’ll realize you’re no longer in your own element. Each of our fifteen different exhibits is filled with exotic and amazing creatures. Walk through the twists and turns of this serene exhibit to witness hundreds of brightly colored tropical fish, lined seahorses, lobster, schooling fish and more.

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In certain exhibits throughout Adventure Aquarium you'll spot them swimming and slithering through the water. They are unusual, rare and exotic - they're Adventure Aquarium's eel species!

Location: Caribbean Currents

French Angelfish

French angelfish are often confused with their close relative, the gray angelfish. French angelfish have black scales edged with bright yellow while gray angelfish lack the yellow trim.

Location: Caribbean Currents

Lined Seahorse

One of the most fascinating and delicate creatures in the animal kingdom, Seahorses are fish, though they are also closely related to pipefish and sea dragons.

Location: Caribbean Currents