Little Blue Penguin Chick Naming

We officially announced the hatching of our second little blue penguin chick! Congrats to first-time parents, Sapphire and Bloke, who welcomed the little blue penguin chick when she hatched inside a nesting box on Little Blue Beach on April 22, 2017, which also happens to be Earth Day!

Now she needs a name and we need your help! Our team came up with three names, inspired by her Earth Day birthday, for our little blue chick and YOU get to choose which one is your favorite.

How do you vote? Using spare change* vote for your favorite name at the Voting Station in our Main Lobby. The name receiving the highest dollar amount will be the name of our newest little blue chick. The winner will be announced this June 2017.


Name Nominations:

  • Kirra - Australian Aboriginal name meaning "leaf"; also means “to live”
  • Talia - Australian Aboriginal name meaning "near water"
  • Terra - Latin name for "Earth"


*100% of your donations support little blue penguins in the wild and the Manly little penguin colony restoration through the Foundation for National Parks & Wildlife.