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Join a hippo-sized summer of fun with our Hippo Festival this June 21 - July 21. This summer we are celebrating our lovely Nile Hippo girls, Button and Genny! The Adventure Aquarium hippos are getting a revamped home and some brand new friends are joining the Hippo Haven.

Not to worry, Hippo Haven will be open for you to visit Button and Genny all throughout construction.

Adventure Aquarium is THE place to see Nile hippos like never before!

This festival is included with a General Admission ticket or Membership to Adventure Aquarium.

Hippo Haven Hippo

Meet Our Girls

Button Swimming

I was born at a zoo in Mexico in March of 1997 and am so happy that Adventure Aquarium has been my hip-tastic home since 2005! I love to swim with our African cichlid neighbors, those little fish even help keep our teeth clean. It’s a lovely neighborhood.

Genny Swimming

Even though I’m a year 2000 baby, I am much larger than my friend, Button. That’s what 35 - 40 pounds of grain, Timothy hay, fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens will do for a growing hippo! We love to get our energy out with all of the fun enrichment activities our biologist buddies provide us.

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Hippo Festival Events

Hippo Feed

Hippo Feeding Time

Journey into Hippo Haven for a one-of-a-kind experience while our biologists toss tasty treats to our massive hippos.

Button and Genny

Life of Genny & Button

Animal experts will teach you all about our two Nile hippos, Genny and Button. You’ll learn things like how to tell them apart, their back story and lots of fun hippo facts!

Hippo Encounter

Animal Up Close Encounters

Get up close and learn more about some of our other fascinating animals on stage in both Hippo Haven and the Blue Mile.

Face Painting

Face Painting & Glitter Tattoos

Put on a disguise and look like a hippo when you get your face painted or shimmer and shine with a glitter tattoo when you visit the fun stations in the Blue Mile.

*Additional fees apply

Games and More

Games & More

Try your foot at Hippo Hopscotch or take aim and play Hippo Bag-O in Penguin Park. The Rotunda is where Gill will be hosting his dance parties and Hippo Limbo!

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We really are making this a Hippo-Sized Summer of Fun! Start planning your Adventure Aquarium visit now.
Hippo Festival activities are included with your General Admission June 21 - July 21!

This festival is included with a General Admission ticket or Membership to Adventure Aquarium.

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