What's New at AAQ - Penguin Chicks

We welcomed four new hatchlings! Meet female penguin chicks, Taco and Shelley along with males Carson and Nick. 

Taco, the eldest chick who hatched on November 20, 2017, received her name from a fun combo of her parents, Taki and Tatu. 

Shelley, daughter of Minnie and Kamikaze who hatched on December 4, 2017, was named in honor of a dear friend and colleague who recently passed away. 

Carson and Nick, brother hatchlings who hatched on December 10 and 13, respectively, to parents Diane and Jack, were named after the Super Bowl Champion Eagles’ two star quarterbacks.

What's New at AAQ - Hippo Awareness Weekend Hippo-sized Buffet

All new for Hippo Awareness Weekend!

New limited edition “double kiss” hippo paintings featuring “smooches” from both of the girls, one-of-a-kind hippo skin coasters created by Genny, long-sleeved t-shirts and specially-designed mugs will be available for purchase during the conservation festival. All donations made during the weekend will benefit hippos in the wild and the Turgwe Hippo Trust in Zimbabwe, Africa.

A special “Hippo-Sized Buffet” will also be available throughout the weekend from 11am-3pm in Currents Ballroom, featuring a wide variety of menu items, for an additional cost.

What's New at AAQ - Hot Mini Donuts

Craving a delicious confection during your visit? Head to the brand new mini donut cart, featuring hot and fresh cinnamon sugar donuts. The cart will be located near Piranha Falls.




What's New at AAQ - Penguin Park

A newly reimagined outdoor experience will greet guests visiting Zone B this spring.

Penguin Island, home to the largest African penguin colony in Adventure Aquarium history, will welcome the birds back on exhibit, which will feature a shade structure and rocky beach areas mimicking the environment the species would encounter in the wild. 

Explorer’s Cove, an outdoor softplay area for younger guests to enjoy, will feature seven nautical-themed structures and also feature a shade structure for those particularly sunny days. Families will also be able to relax and enjoy snack or lunch in a new outdoor seating space surrounded by manicured landscaping.

What's New at AAQ - Cafe

Concessions partner, ARAMARK, introduced renovation plans to the current Feeding Frenzy Café. The soon-to-be-named café area will feature an open concept kitchen with a variety of freshly-prepared menu items. The new café will also provide guests with additional seating locations. Construction will begin this spring and conclude prior to the summer season.





What's New at AAQ - Shark Bite Dip and Dots

Kids of all ages who want a frozen treat can enjoy a specially-themed flavor of Dippin’ Dots – the Shark Bite, which is blue raspberry and vanilla flavored.




What's New at AAQ - Fiddler Ray

Now touch the brand new species in the ever-popular Touch A Shark exhibit. A relative to the guitarfish and native to southern Australia, the fiddler rays boast a striking pattern. The fiddler rays will remain in Touch A Shark and as they grow will be moved to Stingray Beach Club and ultimately the Ocean Realm exhibit.







What's New at AAQ - Biodegradable Products

Adventure Aquarium and Aramark are committed to help combat plastics from entering the ocean. PLA plastics, which are plant-based and compostable, will continue to be used on drinking cups and lids, bento boxes and straws. The plates and bowls in the concession areas are made from sugar cane and also compostable.





What's New at AAQ - Tyrion

Currently attending sea turtle survival school, the loggerhead hatchling is growing larger each day and learning enrichment skills to help it hunt and survive when it is released into the ocean this coming fall. Guests voted using spare change to choose the turtle’s name: Tyrion of Game of Thrones fame. All donations collected benefited sea turtles in the wild and the Sea Turtle Conservancy.