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Planning Ahead

Social Story

Prepare for your visit with Adventure Aquariums social story. Designed for guests with autism and sensory processing disorders in mind, the story helps make Adventure Aquarium more accessible to all guests. You can print our social story (here insert link) or ask for a copy at our info desk.

Where to Park

Guests can drop off and pick up at the designated accessible area located next to the Box Office. The aquarium has handicap accessible spaces in the two lots (Lot 7 & 8) located on Riverside drive across from the aquarium. Spaces are limited and are not able to be reserved, so arrive as early as possible to ensure availability on weekends and holidays.


Where to Enter

Our entrance is located along the Delaware River. From the parking lot follow the signs for ticketing and then the entry signs.

General Information

Accessible Restrooms

All restrooms at Adventure Aquarium feature handicap accessible stalls. Restrooms are located in the Main Lobby, Zone B (by Stingray Beach Club) and Zone C (near Frogs: Nature Messenger)

Family/Companion Restrooms

Adventure Aquarium does not have family restrooms. If you need a private restroom, ask a member of staff who will be able to assist in locating an alternative restroom in one of our non-exhibit restrooms.

Nursing Room

We have a private nursing room located in Zone B, located just pass the Membership Services desk.

Accessible Amenities

Sound-Reducing Headphones

Sound-reducing headphones are available at the Information Desk and at the Member Services desk for free checkout on a first-come, first-served basis.

Weighted Blanket

Weighted blankets are available at the Information Desk and Member Services desk for free checkout on a first come first serve basis.


Manual wheelchairs can be picked up at the Information Desk for $6. A fully refundable $10 deposit is required for all wheelchair rentals. Wheelchairs cannot be reserved and are issued on a first come, first served basis.

Shark Shack

Due to Shark Bridge being an able bodied experience, we offer guests the chance to come up close to the largest collection of sharks on the East Coast with a fully accessible behind the scenes Shark Shack tour. Please ask a staff member at the Shark Bridge during your visit for further assistance.

Accessible Viewing Areas

We offer designated wheelchair accessibility at our more popular viewing areas. These spaces are indicated by a handicap mat and are located at Little Blue Beach, Hippo Haven, Shark Realm and Ocean Realm Panoramic Window.

For those who are blind or have low vision

Tactile maps are located at the Information Desk in the Main Lobby. We also offer a tactile show guide listing animal feed times and dive shows.

For those who are deaf or hard of hearing

Assistive listening devices are available for the 3-D movie and can be requested upon entrance to the 3-D Theater.

American Sign Language Interpreters can be arranged at no additional charge for guests who are deaf or hard of hearing. We require two weeks' notice to make arrangements. To request this service, please contact us by email at or phone at 844-474-FISH (3474) x XXXX.

Accessibility Policies

Personal Care Attendants Policy

Visitors with severe disabilities may be accompanied by paid Personal Care Attendants (PCA) at no additional cost during their visit to Adventure Aquarium. This applies to all ticketed events that the visitor is attending. This also applies to individual, membership, complimentary and group sales tickets.

Visitors with severe disabilities who wish to purchase advance tickets should contact 844-474-FISH (3474) to request complimentary companion tickets for a paid PCA. These tickets must be picked up in person by the visitor and the paid PCA at the Box Office.

This policy also applies to group visitors. For group with severe disabilities we offer free admission for Personal Care Attendants (PCA). Groups can book in advance by calling 800-616-JAWS (5297).

Service Animal Policy

Service animals are defined as dogs or miniature horses that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

Service animals must be harnessed, leashed or tethered, unless these devices interfere with the service animal’s work or the individual’s disability prevents using these devices. In that case, the individual must maintain control of the animal through voice, signal or other effective controls. For the health and safety of your animal and ours, service animals are restricted from the following areas:

  • Shark Bridge
  • Behind the scenes tours

Adventure Aquarium does not offer a relief area for service animals, to leave the building and return please get your hand stamped at the Information Desk.

Emotional Support/Comfort Animal Policy

For the health and safety of your animal and ours, emotional support/comfort/therapy animals and pets are not permitted within Adventure Aquarium.

If you have other questions or would like information about additional accommodations, please contact Adventure Aquarium Guest Services by e-mail at or phone at 844-474-FISH (3474).