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Premium Programs

Our 60-minute Premium Programs are provided by the Center for Aquatic Sciences, Adventure Aquarium's education partner. Please note that these programs are not included in package pricing.

Please contact the Group Sales Office at 1-800-616-JAWS (5297) for pricing and availability.

Available for grades 5 & up. Offered Monday – Friday from September 1st 2019 – through June 19th 2020. Note: Learning Labs are not available on major holidays.

If you do not see a program that interests you, the Center for Aquatic Sciences at Adventure Aquarium staff would be happy to design a program especially for your class.

Please call 856-361-1025 or email Learning@aquaticsciences.org for information regarding this special service.


Educator Inlet

See how an aquarium really works! This hour-long tour includes access to areas where food is prepared, water quality analysis is performed and engineering spaces featuring filtration systems This tour is great for students interested in science careers, including biologists, chemists, vet techs and engineers. Limit 20 participants per 60 minute tour. Please note that this tour is NOT INCLUDED in package pricing. ICONICONICONICONICONICON

Adventure Aquarium Educational ProgramSQUID DISSECTION | Grades 9-12
This laboratory program explores the fascinating biology of squids, octopuses and cuttlefish. The dissection portion of this lab can be done as a hands-on activity or demonstration. Students will create an anatomical diagram of a common squid. 45-minute activity based lab lessons. Limit 20 participants per session. $10 per person, plus package price. ICONICONICONICONICON

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