Sea Turtle Awareness Weekend Sea Turtle Awareness Weekend
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Sea Turtle Awareness Weekend

We Shell-ebrated our sea turtles Memorial Day Weekend, May 29 – 31, 2021 for our annual Sea Turtle Awareness Weekend. Visit our sea turtles in Ocean Realm, learn more about plastic pollution by listening to our new audio tour, and buy a tortoise painting in the gift shop to help raise money and awareness for sea turtles in the wild.


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Ways You Can Keep Shell-ebrating

Sea Turtle

Take Our Audio Tour

Learn about how a sea turtle can mistake plastic bags as jellyfish in the wild in our new Audio Tour!
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Sea Turtle Encounter

Get up close with our resident sea turtles and help care for, train and tong feed green and loggerhead sea turtles from the top of our Ocean Realm exhibit.

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Sea Turtle Encounter
Sea Turtle Encounter