Hippo Conservation Saturday's Hippo Conservation Saturday's

Hippo Conservation Saturday's

Button and Genny would love your help with donations to benefit the Turgwe Hippo Trust, a non-profit organization in Zimbabwe, Africa. Every Saturday during the Hippo Festival (July 6, 13, and 20) will be dedicated to raising funds to help support this trust while you are learning all about hippos. We thank you for your support!

Ways to donate to the Turgwe Hippo Trust:
Unique Hippo Print Magnets! Don’t put boring magnets on the fridge! Custom-made magnets featuring cool painted imprints of Genny or Button’s skin will be available (while supplies last). A hippo’s skin has a unique texture with many “wrinkles” and grooves. These prints are created by applying animal safe, non-toxic paint, just like the hippo kiss paintings. Canvas is then pressed over the area revealing a skin print and a magnet is adhered to the reverse side. 
Colorful Hippo Print Coasters! Dress up your table with one-of-a-kind hippo art drink coasters, made by Genny, in a variety of colors, while supplies last. 
Can't get enough hippo kisses? Pucker up and pick-up the perfect painting. Purchase a special hippo kiss painting made by Button and Genny (while supplies last). 
Coin Drop! Have spare change? Donate to Turgwe Hippo Trust by using our hippo-themed coin drop.
Try The Watermelon Splash! Add a refreshing beverage to your plans! We will make a $1 donation to Turgwe Hippo Trust for every Watermelon Splash beer purchased at Flying Fish Beer Garden.
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