Hippo Hippo
Hippo Awareness Weekend
We Celebrated Our Larger-Than-Life Friends!

Hippo Awareness Weekend

Hippo love was in the air at Adventure Aquarium February 13 through February 15, 2021 during Hippo Awareness Weekend. All proceeds raised were donated to support the Turgwe Hippo Trust whose mission it is to protect this vulnerable species.

Ways We Supported Our Hippos



Adventure Aquarium raised money to benefit Turgwe Hippo Trust.
Hippo Paintings


100% of hippo painting proceeds benefitted Turgwe Hippo Trust.

Book An Encounter

Help feed the hippos and get all of your hip-tastic questions answered. Find out where our hippos go when they aren’t out on exhibit in this exclusive behind-the-scenes encounter. Hippo Encounters are daily 15 minutes prior to closing.
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Carry A Hippo In Your Pocket

Download a hipp-tastic background of Genny for your desktop, mobile device, Zoom screen and Facebook cover photo.

Feed A Hippo For A Day

An Adventure Aquarium membership benefits not only you, but also our animals. In fact, one adult membership buys enough hay to feed Genny and Button for one day! Consider becoming a Member today.

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