WaxyMonkeyFrog WaxyMonkeyFrog

Waxy Monkey Frog

Size: Up to 3 inches
Habitat/Range: Trees and vegetation in dry scrub forest near freshwater ponds and lagoons in Central South America


Visit Frog Alley in KidZone to meet the fascinating waxy monkey frog. The name “waxy” comes from the texture of their skin and “monkey” because they walk instead of hop. Waxy monkey frogs rub themselves down with a waxy substance that they secrete through their skin glands to seal moisture in. They hunt only at night when the air temperature is lower. This frog has adapted to meet the demands of life in the trees, not even returning to the ground to mate. Females lay their eggs within a folded leaf that overhangs a stream. The tadpoles then drop into the stream when they hatch.

Things to Know
Scientific Name: Phyllomedusa sauvagii