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Hippos Button and Genny are currently off exhibit in preparation for our all-new Hippo Haven experience opening June 1. We anticipate that they will be back on exhibit May 1, but please check back as we will continue to keep you updated on Hippo Haven's construction progress.

West African River Experience

It’s about as close to a real African river as you’ll ever want to get.

Meet Button and Genny, two massive Nile hippos (3000 lbs each!). Arguably the most dangerous animal in Africa. With mouths capable of opening up to 4 feet — only whales can go bigger. As you venture through the West African River Experience, you see them on land, but most amazingly, you will view them underwater as they frolic (really!), jump out of the water and press their snouts against the glass, going eye-to-eye with even our smallest visitors.