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adventure aquarium

Ocean Realm

Welcome to Ocean Realm, the largest of all of Adventure Aquarium’s underwater exhibits.  Here, you’ll come face-to-face with 760,000 gallons of seawater, home to one seriously impressive collection of fish and aquatic animals, including massive sea turtles, graceful stingrays and an impressive collection of rarely exhibited shark species.  

Ocean Realm offers five distinct views into the exhibit, including an expansive viewing window, three porthole views and of course, our massive Ocean Realm Theater, where guests can enjoy shows daily.  See massive Roughtail Stingrays, Southern Stingrays and adorable Cownose Stingrays. Ocean Realm is also home to huge Black and Red Drum, schooling Crevalle Jacks, Lookdowns and Blue Runners, and tailgaters like Cobia and Remora, who attach to sharks and rays using suckers on the tops of their heads to catch a free ride!  You’ll also see beautiful Green Sea Turtles and even a massive Loggerhead Sea Turtle nicknamed “Bob” by the Husbandry team after being rescued as tiny hatchling in 1992.  Today, Bob weighs in at over 400 pounds, has a wildly curious personality and loves to eat…well, everything!  

Ocean Realm is also home to an exciting and diverse collection of sharks, like the Blacknose Shark, which is easily identified by a black or dusky spot beneath its snout tip, or the Blacktip Shark, which dons a black tip on its fins, particularly the dorsal fin.  See rarely the exhibited Silky Shark named for their “silky” smooth skin, and the Zebra Shark, who earned the nickname “Leopard” Shark due its juvenile stripes that only turn to spots in adulthood.  Ocean Realm is also home to a rare and mysterious Great Hammerhead Shark, the largest of all the Hammerhead species.  In fact, Adventure Aquarium is currently the only aquarium in the country to exhibit them!

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a life-long aquarium enthusiast, Ocean Realm promises to deliver an unforgettable glimpse into life below the ocean’s surface.